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The Impossible Virgin Modesty Blaise stories are my very favorite escapist reading She would surely kick James Bond s ass. While making an emergency stopover in Rwanda Modesty Blaise meets Giles Pennyfeather, a slightly dotty medical practitioner with an almost uncanny knack for healing his patients under the most dire of conditions During her time with Pennyfeather, Modesty serves as his nurse and later much and they soon find themselves accosted by two vicious thugs, Adrian Chance and Jacko Muktar, who seek to shake down the doctor for any information he may have gleaned from Novikov, a Soviet defector with a lucrative secret The problem is Novikov died after escaping grueling torture at the hands of Chance, and Pennyfeather may have inadvertantly overheard him babble the one bit of information vital to the plans of the thugs master, a diminutive and icily evil international criminal named Brunel Of course Modesty kicks Chance and Jacko s asses like a motherfucker, humilitaing them mercilessly, but lets them live after stranding them miles from civilization, a huge error in judgement that comes back to kick her ass The first half of the book was excellent, I really enjoyed the way Modesty was on the top of her game and proved that she really is a great kickass heroine Unfortunately, we are then back to the author s standby ofIt all goes wrongfollowed by theAbuse , then theEscapeI shouldn t really complain, as I knew it was coming, but I do wish he could come up with a different scenario for a change.Having h Atomic Blond is now described as the first female James Bond Baloney, Modesty Blaise had that title years ago And even that is baloney because it would be much accurate to describe James Bond as the male Modesty Blaise or better yet, a pale imitation of Modesty Blaise Modesty Blaise is well, self actualized She is in total control of herself, physically and mentally She is always classy, elegant, composed without ever being arrogant or condescending She has the normal attributes of an action hero fighting ability, skill with weapons, money, fatally attractive But several things put the Blaise novels above the pack Morals, as in an unwillingness to kill unless forced to and compassion for the weak She has a sidekick, Willy, a very strong knife throwing fatally attractive man who she never has sex with Modesty has a degree of self composure, a sort of secul A spot of bother for Willie Garvin when he gets chucked out of an airborne Dakota at three thousand feet Bleedin ell, Princess, some people do take liberties, don t they There s little here to cause the reader to doubt the reviewer who said these books are the finest escapist thrillers ever written the silver haired Adrian Chance is a villain almost as mesmerizingly creepy as A Taste for Death s Simon Delicata and, in a flashback to his days at the orphanage, Willie s way of making sure he wins at conkers is laugh out loud funny.Note that this is the first Modesty Blaise set in central Africa and, while the portrayal of black people would not have been considered racist at the time some of them are clearly shown to A superb example of the Modesty Blaise novel, quirky characters, appalling situations, a little kink, and lots of combat, all to hand It s the kind of action adventure novel that in fact would never make a good movie, be I ve been ploughing through the Modesty Blaise books and enjoying them all to some extent Some of them are incredible the whole way through, some of them are a bit bumpier This one is a little painfully dated, and I don t love Giles Pennyfeather all that much, but it was still an enjoyable read. How nice to set off again on an adventure with Modesty and Willie They re as resourceful as ever, facing particularly nasty villains Dr Pennyfeather adds a touch of whim A lot of fun and thrill as usual Modesty Blaise And Willie Garvin Are Now Cult Names In The Thriller Genre With Well Over A Million Copies Of The Modesty Blaise Series Sold Worldwide Penguin India Is Delighted To Present These Bestselling Books, Now Collector S Items, In Its New Series Retro Revival Their Fifth Caper Is Fast And Furious And Takes Them To France And Rwanda, Where Modesty And Willie Have To Fend Off Professional Killers, Maddened Gorillas, Savage Warriors And The Ferocious Guardians Of The Impossible Virgin I continue to find the Modesty Blaise books a delight to read, despite the horrible, trashy covers.

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