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Exposed (Maggie ODell, #6) Agent Maggie O Dell And Assistant Director Cunningham Believe They Re Responding To A Threat Made At Quantico Instead They Walk Into A Trap Before They Realize It, They Ve Both Been Exposed To A Killer Who Can Strike At Anyone, At Any Time, And No One Can Predict Who Might Be Next Until It S Too Late The Killer S Tactics Suggest He S An Aficionado Of Criminal Minds He Uses Bits And Pieces From Those He Admires A Phrase From The Beltway Snipers, A Clue From The Unabomber, A Delivery Method Similar To The Anthrax Killer His Weapon Is A Deadly Virus, Virtually Invisible And Totally Unexpected His Victims Appear To Be Random But, In Fact, They Are Chosen With A Revengeful Precision The Vaccine Is Limited And UntestedMaggie Knows Dangerous Minds From Hauntingly Perverse Child Predators To Cunningly Twisted Serial Killers Now She Faces A New Opponent From Inside An Isolation Ward At A Biosafety Containment Hospital Maggie Must Help Agent R J Tully Find Clues To Catch The Killer While Waiting To See If The Deadly Strain Is Already Multiplying In Her Body With Every New Exposure There S The Potential For An Epidemic And Maggie Knows She And Cunningham May Not Live Long Enough To Discover Who Is The Deadliest, Most Intelligent Killer They Ve Ever Profiled

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    The Behavioral Science Unit BSU receives a cryptic note in a box of doughnuts that leads them to a biohazard scene What happens next is truly chilling and represents only the beginning of terrible assaults involving a deadly virus This is the best story in the series to date with Maggie and Tully doing some serious profiling We learn a lotabout Tully s hist...

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    This is the sixth Maggie O Dell novel and probably the best so far It was a very quick, easy read and certainly held my attention all the way through I still dislike the author s habit of pausing in the middle of events to tell us unimportant details about her character s thoughts or past lives However she did reduce this somewhat in this particular book Maggie also seems to be getting a grip on

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    This was an excellent and well researched book Especially with the Ebola outbreak that happened just now again Will people ever learn

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    I really enjoyed this 6th book in the Maggie O Dell series

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    The FBI receives a mysterious note stating that there will be a crash today FBI profiler Maggie O Dell and Assistant Director Kyle Cunningham hurry to a family home to find a little girl left on her ownher mother in bed, deathly ill Maggie soon discovers that they have been exposed to a virus Something that could kill many people if left unchecked Put in quarantine, Maggie discovers that the perpetrator has lef

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    WOW Quite probably my favorite book this year A real page turner Great series.

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    Not my favorite O Dell book but still enjoyable.

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    Exposed4 StarsSynopsis An act of terrorism or a personal vendetta On a seemingly routine morning at the FBI behavioral sciences unit, agent Maggie O Dell and her superior find a threat hidden in the doughnut box and are subsequently exposed to a deadly virus Is this the work of a fanatic or someone with a grudge How many will die before Maggie and her partner uncover the truth Review A thrilling premise delivered with style A

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    I have been following Kava s Maggie O Dell series from book 1 and I am happy to say that this sixth installment is one of the best I read.Maggie and her boss receive an anonymous letter that leads them to a house where a woman if dying with a contagious disease They all have to be quarantined and soon the virus threatening them has a name Ebola Zaire One of the deadliest viruses around.Not only that but also several people across

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    Alex Kava has written a number of thriller novels Exposed is the sixth book in Kava s FBI profiler Maggie O Dell series.In this sixth installment of the Maggie O Dell series, FBI expert profiler Maggie is tracking down a killer who indirectly murders others using a strain of the Ebola virus Maggie s latest case is extraordinary because she tracks the killer while being confined in a private lock down cell after already having been expo

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