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When Dimple Met Rishi PDF When Dimple Met Rishi Sandhya Menon Anguillais.us The Arranged Marriage YA Romcom You Didn T Know You Wanted Or Needed Meet Dimple Her Main Aim In Life Is To Escape Her Traditional Parents, Get To University And Begin Her Plan For Tech World Domination Meet Rishi He S Rich, Good Looking And A Hopeless Romantic His Parents Think Dimple Is The Perfect Match For Him, But She S Got Other Plans Dimple And Rishi May Think They Have Each Other Figured Out But When Opposites Clash, Love Works Even Harder To Prove Itself In The Most Unexpected Ways As Joyfully Refreshing As Rainbow Rowell, Jenny Han And Nicola Yoon, When Dimple Met Rishi Is A Frothy, Funny Contemporary Romance Told From The Dual Perspectives Of Two Indian American Protagonists While Dimple Is Fighting Her Family Traditions, Rishi Couldn T Be Happier To Follow In The Footsteps Of His Parents Could Sparks Fly Between This Odd Couple, Or Is This Matchmaking Attempt Doomed To Fail

About the Author: Sandhya Menon

NYT bestselling author of light, bright, diverse YA Hiding behind my coffee cup, eavesdropping on your conversations.

10 thoughts on “When Dimple Met Rishi

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    If you were looking for your perfect cute summer contemporary romance novel look no further.This book was honestly so wonderful It was an absolute delight to read It is adorable It s laugh out loud hilarious It ll give you alllllll the feels.As this novel follows to Indian American pr

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    2.5 5 stars People this books is the worst lol don t read it Me hahahah it can t be that badMe is wrong Usually, this was where I d put a quote that I liked from the book, but the writing in this book sucked But I don t wanna mess up the aesthetic of my reviews So, yeah, you

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    Oh my GOD, you guys I know people have said this book is bad I know pretty much every source I trust full on hated this book But, like, wow.Do you ever read a book and you re almost impressed by how bad it is This one is, like, genuinely written in the hopes of creating diversity in the young

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    I wanted to respond to everyone s comments but I didn t want to come off repetitive so I ll express my gratitude on here Thank you to everyone for being so supportive I don t have enough words to describe my love for y all Bless your souls In all seriousness, I never brought this bullshit onto my review to ma

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    EDIT Please read my homegirl Tweebs review.So I just checked and realized I ve been reading this for 10 days It never takes me that long This booky all this book was such a huge disappointment and I promised myself if it were to be one, I would draw bananas all over my exams I was hoping to finish this cringe before

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    This is definitely one of the cutest books I ve ever laid my eyeballs on It s totally nerdy and full of adorkable socially awkward characters and so much delicious food and features the absolute best romance AHHHHHH I ve been looking forward to this book for ages, and I m so glad it was everything I wanted And

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    You know what, I was about to force myself to finish this but no Just no.DNFing it because I promised myself I would stop torturing myself.Dimple is pretty rude Rishi had the biggest insta love feelings ever App contest what app contest This is just Dimple hitting Rishi, t...

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    oh no looks like i m dnf ing this how inconvenient oops here i go, closing the book i guess this has to wait until i finish my tbr list in three eternities and a half that s just how long it will take sorry

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    Ohhhh, do I got a rant for this book When Dimple Met Rishi was supposed to be the book of my dreams It was supposed to clear my acne and water my neglected plants It was supposed to help get into a good university and build my self confidence.But the only thing it actually did was make me silently cry fake tears bc I wasn t even invested in it enou

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    When Dimple met Rishi things did not go well See, Dimple and Rishi were promised to each other by their parents Only, Dimple has no idea she was set up, while Rishi does As you can guess, that is bound to lead to catastrophic, but also quite entertaining, events Obviously, arranged marriages happen all the time, especially to young people of certain cultur

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