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Sweet Scandal (Hearts Temptation, #4) I liked the banter between the Hero and the Heroin, but I found both their interests a bit boring. The Book Junkie Reads Review of SWEET SCANDAL Heart s Temptation, 4 What a read This one came out of nowhere for me Wam right into me I so enjoyed this one I could not put it down I was in tending on just getting me feet wet and she what this author had to offer me I was net expecting to look up and hours had pasted and I was close to finishing the read American in England and buying a paper The harsh American had no idea how to talk to a lady let alone the decency to give her the respect she was due She was just in his way Lady Helen had to find out what was going on with her paper And some rude American was in her way Neither of the two realizing the truth of their encounter The whole joy of this read was to see the encounters between these two characters It was just so fun Sucking up one encounter to get to the next This was what I needed I polished off this read quickly and look forward to going to read the first three of this series Not o Not The Average LadyLady Helen Harrington Is A Spinster By Choice She Hasn T Any Desire To Entangle Herself In Romantic Nonsense Instead, She Prefers To Spend Her Time Championing The Causes Nearest To Her Heart Through Writing Articles For The London Beacon When A Ruthless American Tycoon Suddenly Buys The Struggling Paper With Plans To Turn It Into A Business Journal, Lady Helen Isn T About To Stand Idly By Or Put Down Her Pen Even If The Ruthless Tycoon In Question Happens To Be The Most Maddeningly Handsome Man She S Ever Met In Her Life.Not The Average ManLevi Storm Built His Empire The Hard Way, Spending Years Working His Way Out Of The Slums Where He Grew Up He Won T Allow A Spoiled Aristocrat Like Lady Helen To Interfere With His Plans To Further His Brand With The Newspaper He S Just Acquired It Doesn T Matter How Lovely She Is Or How Persuasive Her Arguments Or How Perfectly She Fits In His Arms.One Sweet ScandalWhen Scandal Looms And Helen Discovers A Shocking Secret About Levi, She Does What She Must To Protect Herself But Levi Isn T The Sort Of Man Who Admits Defeat, And He S Not Ready To Give Up On The Plucky Lady Helen, Especially When He Discovers That She Has Secrets Of Her Own Actual Rating 4.5 Disclaimer I received a complimentary copy of this book Sparks fly when two people forget they despise each other.Levi is a man on a mission Having traveled all the way to London from America, he is determined to bring electricity to this side of the pond and best his rival, Edison But everything that can go wrong seems to and Levi s patience is running thin So when a woman shows up asking questions about the company he bought, he is in no mood to appease her No matter how beautiful she is.Helen cannot believe that her old boss sold the paper She had been contributing articles for a long time and now she s out of a job The new owner won t even consider keeping her on to write for him And worse, the man is insufferably rude and devastatingly handsome But mostly just rude Even if he does have the most adorable dimples when he smiles, she won t let him off the hook so easily.When the pair are thrust together again, they cannot help but clash It s the ambitious American man versus the philanthropic English lady and the showdown just might lead to steamy stolen kisses in the dark But Levi has a secret that will put a perm I like the whole series.This is a good series break from all the contemporary romances I ve been indulging in I like the entire family of women, and the men are perfectly Alpha.Helen was unique A true do gooder spinster who falls in love with an American self made man I loved the push and pull Sweet Scandal Heart s Temptation Book 4 by Scarlett Scott Scandalous What a scandalous story It was fun to read The banter between Lady Helen and Mr Storm was quite exciting, especially considering London at that time Women surely didn t act so But Scarlett made it flow seamlessly This was the first of the Heart s Temptation series that I ve read, now I m curious what the Sweet Scandal has all the prerequisites for a sexy, top shelf Victorian romance.You have Lady Helen, a feisty, gorgeous, reformer and spinster She s perfectly comfortable with the life she built for herself on the shelf I adore that she s older a rarity in Regency and historical romances where even the widows are in their twenties Then there s Levi Storm so much than your typical Victorian hero Sure , he s tall, dark and handsome But he s also a self made, American millionaire rather than a Robber Baron and an inventor to boot He s all about winning the race to electrify America and Europe and racing against Thomas Edison to do it.Like all good Victorian romances our couple meets cute awkward Levi buys the run down journal which had been publishing Lady Helen s rather incendiary opinion pieces and removes her from the staff and his offices They butt heads repeatedly after they find themselves stuck with one another Their respective best friends are married to one another, and have them both under their roof as house guests Sparks soon fly and Lady Helen decides to ignore the strictures on women placed on herby Victorian societ SWEET SCANDAL is book 4 of Hearts Temptation seriesI read it as a stand alone with no trouble and I thoroughly enjoyed it It s just so good I went through a whole range of emotions I laughed, got teary eyed and even angry I loved the characters, I felt a connection almost immediately Levi is not your Sweet Scandal by Scarlett Scott is book Four in the Heart s Temptation series This is the story of Lady Helen Harrington and Levi Storm I have not yet read the other books in this series so for me this was a standalone book.Helen and her friends are reformers and Helen has been writing a monthly article in the London Beacon for around three years Helen has been reporting on issues to help those in need When one day she comes into the office it is to find that everything is in disarray and workers everywhere When she bumps into Levi they imminently start butting heads He tell her to get out she trying to find out what is going on because she had no ideal that the paper was being sold Levi is from America and importantly is from the streets So he is pretty harsh at first with her but he has a immediate attraction to her Helen to is taken back by this American and his harsh ways but 2 Disappointed Somewhat Indifferent StarsMmm, so this didn t feel like much of a historical romance, and I didn t find myself enamoured, at all, with the plot and hero This book in the series focuses on Lady Helen Harrington and American tycoon and self made man Levi Storm, from the moment they meet they clash but sparks also fly.I really didn t

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