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A Fools Alphabet The Events Of Pietro Russell S Life Are Told In 26 Chapters From A Z, Each Chapter Is Set In A Different Place And Reveals A Fragment Of His Story As His Memories Flicker Back And Forth Through Time In His Search For A Resolution To The Conflicts Of His Life, His Story Gradually Unfolds. This is a fairly charming non chronological account of a life, told in 26 chapters, each headed by an A to Z of place names from that life Perhaps its main message, in the words of one of its characters, is that this like any other is just one version of a life. I love Sebastian Faulks but this book did nothing for me The writing was bland and I wondered if it wasn t just a way of writing about places the author himself had visited, tied loosely into a novel. Life story of an Anglo Italian post war baby who never quite belongs anywhere and is oddly unsympathetic for a main character Each chapter refers to a different location, each starting with the next letter of the alphabet Contrived, but cleverly unfolding tale disjointed, though not confusing. Great book to finish the year with Beautifully crafted with 26 chapters, it traces through the alphabet in place names which concern the main character, Pietro Russell, half Italian It s a lovely story and although it leaps through time periods, it really wo

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