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Lord Livesey's Bluestocking: A Regency Romance PDF Lord Livesey S Bluestocking A Regency Romance By Audrey Harrison Wgf2011.eu She Is Firmly On The Shelf He Needs A Wife For His Motherless Children Surely Nothing Would Go Amiss In Their Quest To Find True Love Miss Phoebe Westbrook Wishes She Was Anywhere Other Than At Lord Livesey S House Party Family Loyalty And Duty Forced Her To Accept The Invitation When She Overhears Lord Livesey S Opinion Of Her, She Knows He Wishes Her As Far Away From Him As She Does Determined To Make The Most Of His Library Whilst Visiting, She Soon Finds Herself Being Drawn Into The Lives Of Lord Livesey And His Children, Whether She Likes It Or NotLord Livesey Has Lived A Lie His Marriage Was Not The Love Match Everyone Presumed His Children Are Strangers To Him After The Death Of His Wife, He Hid From The World Persuaded To Host A House Party In Which He S Now Trapped He Scorns The Women In Attendance After Dismissing Phoebe Cruelly, It Seems That A Future With Her May Be Just The Thing He S Looking ForAn Unconventional Marriage Proposal Causes Everything To Be Called Into Question Misplaced Values And Hidden Emotions Will Test Any Chance Of A Relationship They Might Have Both Will Face Hurdles They Never Anticipated But One Thing S For Sure Life Won T Ever Be The Same Again Lord Livesey S Bluestocking Is A Regency Romance Topped With A Generous Dose Of Humour, Action, And Tears If You Like Simmering Chemistry, Troubled Heroes, And Feisty Women, Then You Ll Love Audrey Harrison S Regency Tale.

About the Author: Audrey Harrison

Audrey Harrison was born about two hundred years too late She wants to belong to a time when men were men and women were dressed in gowns and could float, simper and sigh.In the real world she has always longed to write, writing a full manuscript when she was fourteen years old Work, marriage and children got in the way as they do and it was only when an event at work landed her in hospital that

10 thoughts on “Lord Livesey's Bluestocking: A Regency Romance

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    I m rounding down from 3.5 stars I m torn on this one Really torn Some books it s easy to know how I feel about them, but this one is a bit difficult for me to decide if I loved it or just liked it.Anyone who reads my reviews will know I m a sucker for a spinster bluestocking wallflower story I love the overlooked heroine finally finding love, so this story had that in its favor And I loved that she

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    Good first draftI really wanted to like this book The ideas are great, but they remained undeveloped If I were the editor, I would have handed the book back to the author and said Show me don t tell me For example, I am told throughout the book that Phoebe is a bluestocking, but I never see any sign of it What book was Phoebe reading in the library when she fell asleep Philosophy Economics Maybe a newspaper

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    Mhm Difficult one to rate This book is pretty special as it s not only about one couple but two really and several side characters I usually like that, don t get me wrong Multiple povs give you a better Insight, show you how other characters feel, what drives them, why they do what they do etc But in this case, I would argue that the focus was a it misplaced Sure, it was nice and fun at times to read about Aunt Dick

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    Very sedate storyI liked this story very much It wasn t exciting, it wasn t steamy But it was good I liked Phoebe the heroine very much She was perfect Now the hero He wasn t so great to me But they had their HEA The last chapter which was an epilogue really tied all the story lines together I felt bad about Captain Chester ...

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    What an odd little book So many things to irritate me but they all came together well and did not irritate me I almost gave up on the nasty Lord Livesy If he hadn t had such a damaging past that made it very clear why he acted like an ass I would have put this one down I am so glad Phoebe was a strong young woman and didn t let him get away with any of it The writing style was so odd We got a little of everyone s thoughts People we

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    A change of pace from the contemporary romances I ve been reading recently, this is a nicely developed sweet romance I wasn t interested in the side romance, it seemed to be a diversion from the mc s but one that wasn t well drawn.

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    Some of the story was charming, but Lord Livesey was not particularly nice He called his kids brats and was rude to everyone Not sure why Pheobe s love was so immediate and deep Many of the characters were flat and I missed an in...

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    But for the languageNo, not off color, harsh language Just everyday contemporary language But for some odd reason, it is used in what is supposed to be a historic romance.If the writer chose to do no research at all, as to the language commonly used in 1811, why not just write a contemporary story I didn t get very far, maybe a few chapters, when the much too contemporary language for example, two weeks is used, repeatedly, as opposed to what would have,

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    While this book was well plotted I had a hard time feeling very much for the H h It starts out at a house party where Lord Livesey s sister brings together a group of women from which she hopes he will choose a new wife to provide a mother to his children and companionship for himself Phoebe Westbrook is one of the ladies invited there where she interacts with Lord Livesey but ultimately he chooses another woman for reasons while wondering why he seems so obsesse

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    Good story, and I will read of Audrey Harrison Longer review to follow on my blog in July, as I m currently on holiday One thing the book needs formatting.

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