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How It Feels to Float Read How It Feels To Float Author Helena Fox Hakkas.us Biz Knows How To Float She Has Her People, Her Posse, Her Mom And The Twins She Has Grace And She Has Her Dad, Who Tells Her About The Little Kid She Was, Who Loves Her So Hard, And Who Shouldn T Be Here But Is So Biz Doesn T Tell Anyone Anything Not About Her Dark, Runaway Thoughts, Not About Kissing Grace Or Noticing Jasper, The New Boy And She Doesn T Tell Anyone About Her Dad Because Her Dad Died When She Was Six And Biz Knows How To Float, Right There On The Surface Normal Okay Regular Fine.But After What Happens On The Beach First In The Ocean, And Then In The Sand The Tethers That Hold Biz Steady Come Undone Dad Disappears, And With Him, All Comfort It Might Be Easier, Better, Sweeter To Float All The Way Away Or Maybe Stay A Little Longer, Find Her Father, Bring Him Back To Her Or Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe There S A Third Way Biz Just Can T See Yet.

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    A heart is a mystery and not a mystery It hides under ribs, pumping blood You can pull it out, hold it in your hand Squeeze It wants what it wants It can be made of gold, glass, stone It can stop anytime This is the type of book that gives you a tangible feeling of pain, making you feel empty like t

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    4.5 stars Life is terrible and beautiful, isn t it It s the best worst at the exact same time, all possibilities at once I absolutely adored this book and read it at the perfect time for me This is a powerful YA contemporary that deals with mental illness, sexuality, grief, family, friendship and There is so m

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    4.5 emotionally wrought stars for this book that completely broke my heart How It Feels to Float was beautifully written and I was completely taken in by Biz Oh, how I wanted to pull her out of the pages and just hug her I loved the relationships Biz built with Jasper and Sylvia Not at all what you d expect, but simply

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    There s so much love to give this harrowing, yet hopeful, novel It s the kind that absolutely stays with you, long after you turn the final page It s about grief and loss and disassociation It s about friends who stick by you, and friends who leave both things that made and broke my heart to read Biz is the kind of character who feels thi

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    I really loved the first half of this, but the second half honestly felt like a completely different book Blah.TW death of a parent, depression, sexual assault

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    Fox s poetic writing is impressive and effectively renders the wry first person voice of Biz, a teenager struggling with mental illness, questioning her sexuality, and grappling with the death of a beloved family member A touching story of grief and an unflinching portrayal of inter generational mental illness At times, How It Feels to Float is a slow

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    Yes look okay this hurt my heart and that is all.I am going away for four days and maybe when I get back I will have sense but right now my words are broken like in this book that had weird formatting and long sentencesthat hadno punctuationbut punctured my heart anyway Okay so I ve had my four days of craziness to process this one and I m ready to make a bit sense T

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    Incredible I read this book slowly, and savored this very touching and honest revelation of what it is like to live with several types of mental disorder The writing was lyrical, poetic and even downright magical at times It was not always easy going I had to put the book down and give my overworked emotions a rest than once But this was so worth the time, energy and emotion t

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    Grief feels like this an okay day and a good day and an okay day then a bad Bad that follows and empties you Bad like a sinkhole.This novel follows Biz, a girl whose father died when she was young and she s still going through grief and disassociation during her late teenage years Her father still appears to her in visions that she has and he still speaks to her often The

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    Beautiful in its haunting glare, Helena Fox presents a story about ghosts and mental illness, and how they both chase those inflicted with their presence Pros 1 Lovely writing Fox does not write the average YA fiction here She uses descriptive prose and free verse split int...

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