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Papa Put a Man on the Moon PDF Epub Papa Put A Man On The Moon By Kristy Dempsey In Time For The Fiftieth Anniversary Of The Moon Landing, This Father Daughter Story Celebrates A Small Community S Big Contribution To One Of America S Greatest Accomplishments.Marthanne And Her Father Sit Side By Side, Looking Out Over Their Mill Village As The Moon Glows In The Sky Marthanne Hopes That One Day, Man Will Walk On The Moon, And She Knows Her Father Is Helping America Accomplish This Mission The Fabric He Weaves Forms One Layer In The Astronauts Spacesuits Papa Insists He S Only Making A Living, But Marthanne Knows His Work Is Part Of History, And She S Proud She Tries To Be Patient, But She Can T Stop Imagining The Moon Mission The Astronauts Tumbling Through Space, The Fabric Her Papa Made Traveling All The Way Up Into The Sky When The Astronauts Blast Off And Neil Armstrong Finally Takes His First Steps On The Moon, Marthanne Watches In Wonder She Knows Her Papa Put A Man On The Moon.

About the Author: Kristy Dempsey

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    Collaboration is key and recognizing everyone s contribution to one great experience is ultimately what the takeaway of this picture book is The main character s father works in textiles and began weaving the fiberglass outfitting that would be used inside the astronauts suits as they made their way to the m...

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    The story a small community s big contribution to helping make the manned moon landing possible.

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    Fascinating true story of a textile mill in South Carolina that manufactured material used in the Apollo 11 astronaut suits.

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    5 31 2019 I want to like this book, however, after reading it an looking at the illustrations, I m left with questions What I liked It felt like a picture book biography, a genre I love I was fascinated by the idea that a mill worker who wove cloth had a small part of the Mercury and Apollo space missions The girl s pride in her papa s work was tangible The dad s aw shucks attitude of I m just feeding my fa

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    The Space Race didn t just mean projects for scientists and engineers The whole of America was excited, at every age bracket and every economic bracket Marthanne s papa works in a mill and is proud just to be workin...

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    Just when you think there can t be any new spin on books about the moon landing, along comes a new perspective Told from the point of view of a girl whose father works in a textile factory that makes fabric that became par...

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    I love the concept of this book but it felt very wordy and didn t really hold my interest which makes it hard to imagine it holding the interest of a younger kid that picture books are typically geared towards Also the super subtle shade thrown at Nixon was kind of weird

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    Author tells the story of her father, who worked at a mill, producing special fabric used in the first spacesuits A nice account of the space race from a child s perspective.

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    Completely lovely and inspiring.

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    Very informative and a cool story Probably not great for story time though.

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