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Inception (Black Flagged, #0.5) Daniel Petrovich, The Most Lethal Operative Created By The Department Of Defense S Black Flagged Program, Represents A New Breed Of Covert OperativeHe Wasn T Recruited From Special Forces, Law Enforcement Or Any Of The Alphabet Agencies And He Isn T Motivated By A Sense Of Undying Patriotism Or Bitter Revenge Petrovich Is None Of Those Things, Which Makes Him All The Dangerous Unlike Most Heroes, There S No Obvious Black And White In Petrovich S World He Sees Everything In Gray An Uncompromising Trait That Will Keep Him Alive Long Enough To Pull Off One Of The Biggest Coups In Covert Military HistoryCEPTION Is Daniel Petrovich S Origin Story The Perfect Place For A New Reader To Start The BLACK FLAGGED Series

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    This adventure brings you through the actual beginning of the Black Flagged program,as Daniel says yes to an offer that has him wondering what the heck he got himself into We learn of the security and training that gets men ready to take on missions independently They are given anything that may be necessary but go into the situation ALON

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    The Start of Black Flagged in an Exciting Entrance by Daniel Petrovich This adventure brings you through the actual beginning of the Black Flagged program, as Daniel says yes to an offer that finds him wondering what the check he got himself into We learn the security and training that gets men ready to take on missions independently They are give

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    Daniel Petrovich starts out as the authority adverse, Lieutenant Junior Grade in the Navy He goes on to become the cold blooded assassin, Marko Resja in the off the books Black Flagged program He meets all the requirements and is easily molded into his new identity And, he is most deadly.Konkoly s novella Black Flagged Series Prequel, Inception, is Daniel

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    Anyone who is a fan of the Black Flagged series has been itching to know the back story of lethal operative Daniel Petrovich Now we know This superb little gem makes the perfect addition to one of the best series out there Highly recommended.

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    Quit Reading reviews and click the Buy Now button NOW To those of you who have had the pleasure of reading Mr Konkoly s work I say this, same as always 100% grade A writing And what we have all come to expect from him This book does a great job of explaining how Daniel got to be where he is today It is a great read, just like all the rest For those of you who have not had t

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    Meh I believe that s the correct term to use Volume 1 of the Black Flagged series was explosive, introducing Daniel Petrovich as part of a cast of characters that kept one interested over the series This novella is a glimpse of Konkoly s thinking in creating Petrovich but it s so short that it s like a sample than a book Petrovich is a great character No question But this supposed

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    Inception is a prequel to the Black Flagged series This can be read as a standalone, but you really should read the series It is definitely worth it There is violence so it may not be suitable for some readers If you read any of the books in the Black Flagged series, then you are familiar with Daniel Petrovich This is his story of how he ended up in the Black Flagged program I am glad to fin

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    A reasonably good short story that could easily have been a fully length book due to a few gaps in the timeline If the gaps had been filled, I feel it would have enhanced the reading experience as well as informing the reader of the main character s development and deployment as a special operative.At this time, I make no predictions as to whether I will read of this series, time and thought are req

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    Like military action Based somewhat on real events Read this.Be a real man Feel the tension the taut suspense, a the hair pull trigger of righteous American might unleashed on the dangerous and deadly enemy that only a specialist, one of a very few can take on And take out One of my favorite all time writers, it just ends too soon Actually I just could not put it down.

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    SUPERSOLDIER GOVERNMENT CREATEDFor no good reason Daniel is a very likeable sociopathic paramilitary dude He TRANCES OUR because he was found to be a candidate in advance and trained in an abusive program to be utterly excellent at what he does This is very important to him He wants to be best.

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