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Cheetahs Never Win (Magical Romantic Comedies, #7) A little darkerThe story was a little darker then her usual fare, but the story was spot on The humor was contagious and found its way in at the right moments Not an easy story to tell and leaves you a little heart broken even knowing out is just a story, but often art can imitate life. Where s the plot This is a mess Putting aside the typos that should have been caught before publishing, the plot moves at a random pace while the characters bicker What s worse is they all end up sounding the same There was no individuality in their voice Without names and descriptions to set each person apart they end up being androgynous clones who all share the same love of banter.The murders get solved as an after thought Complete deus ex machina except it s an archangel that essentially waves his hand and makes everything good.Dead horses beaten shoes, virus levels, filial hijinks, fire ants, at least 7Avoid this at all costs I enjoy witty repartee, but I insist novels have than just banter.This series has devolved into crap There are some interesting ideas and a fascinat BOOKS Cheetahs Never Win Magical Romantic Comedies, 7 Author R.J Blain Ls17.eu Witnessing A Double Homicide Dumps Aaron Clinton Into The Middle Of A Gruesome Murder Investigation To Stop The Budding Serial Killer From Striking Again, Aaron Must Join Forces With A Reformed Cop And A Colony Of Cranky Cats.Warning This Novel Contains Cats, Murder, Cats, Mayhem, Cheetahs, Mischief, Felines, A Serial Killer, Romance, Humor, Puns, Generalized Hilarity, And Whipped Cream Used In Inappropriate Fashions Proceed With Caution. An Average AdditionI really love RJ Blain s Comedies with a Body Count Typically, they are brimming with droll humor, quirky character development, and an exciting and speedy plot line The world she has created for this series is well fleshed out, completely original, and fun Bonus they tend to be free of pornographic sex scenes Lovely This addition to the series was not her best and not her worst, just average I gave this a 5 star rating for originality, humor, and a gut wrenching plotline that kept me reading However, it loses 1 star because, unlike in past books, this one had a heroine that reminded me of an overly hormonal 14 year old girl That s all I really got from her it was unengaging It also loses 1 star for language RJ Blain always has some cursing in her books, but at one point I counted the f word 4 times on the page I recognize that there are people that speak this way, but they sound horribly uneducated When it is So much crazy fun I started this series with Whatever for Hire and then Proceeded to binge read everything the author has written under any name This series is great fun Funny Snarky Completely outrageous The mythology is all over the place but consistent while including everything including th Such an excellent book The mystery was well written and kept me engrossed in it There were plenty of twists to the plot and lots of surprises Aaron was after Sassy for a long time but his way of going about it was unusual Sassy was very god at going about and getting what she wanted and she wanted Aaron Now the surprises will have you laughing but one word of advice is be careful what Exceptional In 5 words entertaining, engaging, enthralling, enjoyable, excellent.RJ Blain brings a light hearted approach to a normally morose, grim and sexy dangerous genre There is enough drama to keep you reading with the hum I love this series and I love this author She has an amazing imagination Some of the characters she came up with were absolutely fantastic This story, as well as the ones before, is set in a fantasy world of werewolves and sha Pleasant enough easy read I was disappointed that this wasn t as funny as her earlier books For humor Playing with Fire and Serial Killer Princess are the go to books of this series. Loved it Cheetahs never win is a fun romp through a world with magic and shifters are out and part of life humans live when they contract the virus responsible for become a shifter This novel has been a delight to read and I thoroughly enjoyed it I had tried to read the

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