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The Warehouse Do you remember that scene in Idiocracy where you could walk into that small town called Costco and get your law degree and get a special Starbucks Yeah, well this novel isn t that But it is definitely on steroids, employing pretty much the last of humanity or 30 million of them as little drones send disposable products all around the world to disposable people.Sound intriguing Make no mistake, this is definitely a dystopia Your job performance is on a five star rating system and if you get a single star, you re FIRED Sound slightly familiar Just make this a company town with its own credit system, accommodations, and insular paranoid big brother total tracking nightmare, throw the newbies into the mix, and THEN tell me whether or not YOU ALREADY LIVE THERE I liked this book It s nastily familiar and a pleasurable easy read full of twists and turns and espionage and counter espionage It does have a big warning as a core message, but I didn t mind how stark it was After all, we re PDF Epub The Warehouse Author Rob Hart Thegreatwallonline.us ____________________Cloud Is A Company Which Likes To Keep Its Secrets And It Guards Them Well A Near Future Thriller Set In An America Addicted To Consumerism Gun Violence, Climate Change And Unemployment Have Ravaged The Nation, And An Online Retail Giant Named Cloud Reigns Supreme.Cloud Brands Itself Not Just As An Online Storefront, But As A Global Saviour But, Beneath The Sunny Exterior Lurks Something Far Sinister ____________________Paxton Is A Would Be Inventor Put Out Of Business By Cloud He S Had His One Shot At Success Ripped Away From Him And Now He S Urgently In Need Of Money And A Job.Things Get Complicated When Paxton Meets Zinnia He Can T Work Her Out She Says She S A Teacher Down On Her Luck, But She Doesn T Look Or Act Like A Teacher And She Seems To Have A Plan All Of Her Own.With Their Agendas Putting Them On A Collision Course, They May Both Learn That The Machine Is Just Too Big To Be Beaten. My thanks to Crown Publishing, and Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book There are moments when I really appreciate Netgalley, and this is one of them This isn t a book that I would have spent money on, and if I had, then I probably still wouldn t have read it I knew from the get go how this book would be, and also the end Yep I m one of those crazy folk who prefers locally owned I don t shop boxstores, and except for e books and my kindle device, I very seldom shop Like maybe, once or twice a decade That s it I started reading this book, and I got to the part where it stated that the Cloud didn t pay in money Only credits Everything you NEEDED could only be bought through the Cloud These are employees They work 10 to 12 hour days, 7 days a week Of course, no unions Well, anyone who knows me, knows that I m slightly pissed off now I ve turned down promotions because I was expected to work than 40 hours Money is awesome Too much time spent making that kind of money is not At least for me I ve made a lot of money, and tiny amounts of money I ve learned to adjust Crikey So, living in this environment means I m now going to have to thermite you Guns, knives and other stuff Psst Nope J.K Maybe I like thermite I ve never seen it, but I know how to make it, because.books The thing is that this book is dystopian From the first cha An eerie modern take on Orwell s 1984 What struck me the most was the plausibility It s crossed my mind, as I m sure it has yours, that a monopoly online retailer has the power to change the world Is changing the world.In the USA especially, where convenience and instant gratification rule, it is easy to go with the flow without looking at the possible consequences Portrayed so well in this story.The world has become a harsh environment We have polluted and consumed to the edge of extinction There is only one escape The Cloud The Cloud is a behemoth online retailer that provides for all your needs including housing and medical care if you re one of the lucky ones to work for them The conditions seem atrocious to us readers, but to the characters who have only the harsher outside world to go to it s better than nothing It s truly scary to see how the characters are easily brainwashed into the system It s even scarier to think that it could would happen to me.Hang on for this thrilli A thought provoking thriller Made me want to stop ordering from and never have grocery shopping delivered again.Full review to follow. Not so much a thriller in the classic sense, although there are chilling elements Really of a cautionary tale whose reality may be closer than we think The outside world is Mad Max than ever climate change, gun violence and a disintegrating government have rendered America almost uninhabitable, except for one behemoth that controls the only viable possibility for employment and has applicants scrambling for jobs no matter how menial, meaning giving up whatever lives they may have on the outside to live within the confines of the MotherCloud, don a color coded polo shirt, and fit into an automaton slot Freedom is something you have until you give it away Insidio I was at a mystery conference recently and found an advance reading copy of The Warehouse in my gift bag The premise sounded intriguing, so I gave it a try Although I wouldn t call this book a thriller as is touted on the back cover, I would call it a disturbing account of a not too distant future where one company monopolizes a country, then pretty much holds its hostage.The backstory reveals how simply and innocently it all started, when a boy named Gibson Wells began delivering goods for his neighbors Decades later he s the CEO of Cloud, a huge facility in every American city that uses an army of drones to deliver goods to customers everywhere Cloud is also redefining the work life concept while vowing to make a badly polluted and damaged planet a greener place.Enter Zinnia, a young woman who s hired to steal intel from Cloud, and Paxton, a disillusioned prison guard who s own small start up company was quickly crushed by Cloud The story is told from Gibson s, Zinnia s, and Paxton s viewpoints in chapters that painfully detail the monotony of working for Cloud and living a life employees must live where they Rob Hart provides a shockingly powerful and harrowing glimpse into the all too real possible realities in our future, of a ravaged world and US, this is a contemporary dystopian version of Orwell s 1984 In this near future, there is a government, but it is of little consequence, there is a desperate scramble for jobs, any job, and towering over it all is the Cloud, a monopoly with unfettered power, a thinly disguised , a monstrous behemoth with its tentacles in every pie, such as media outlets, technology, etc The Cloud proclaims itself as a force for all that is good, delivering goods by drone, a presence in every city, and the perfect employer shaping the nature of work and life where employees live on site, where their every need is met by the caring Cloud It all sounds too good to be true, and as Hart s prescient novel proves, it is in fact a horror of a nightmare that we could all too easily be sleepwalking into, the seeds of it are all here in today s world.This is a well structured storytelling which excels in its world building, where the drudgery and monotony of working for the company is laid bare in all its excruciating details, the all encompassing surveillance, observation and tight monitoring of its employees, the lack of employee rights, the terrifying and sinister goings on behind the scenes at Cloud and the conspiracies A disillusioned Paxton, a prison guard, who had his company destroyed by Cloud is now taken on by Cloud, working securit Copy furnished by Net Galley for the price of a review.Look around you The charming Mom Pop shops of yesteryear are a rarity now Brick and mortar chain stores are closing down at an alarming rate It s less and less safe to leave your home It s the perfect storm Online shopping, drone delivery, instant gratification Can one mega corporation

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Rob Hart is the author of the Ash McKenna crime series and the short story collection TAKE OUT He also co wrote SCOTT FREE with James Patterson His new novel, THE WAREHOUSE, coming from Crown in August 2019, has been sold in than 20 countries and been optioned for film by Ron Howard He s worked as a political reporter, the communications director for a politician, and a commissioner for th

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