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The Vagabonds PDF Epub The Vagabonds Jeff Guinn Gasengineersinglasgow.co.uk The Fascinating Story Of Two American Giants Henry Ford And Thomas Edison Whose Annual Summer Sojourns Introduced The Road Trip To Our Culture And Made The Automobile An Essential Part Of Modern Life, Even As Their Own Relationship Altered Dramatically In 1914 Henry Ford And Naturalist John Burroughs Visited Thomas Edison In Florida And Toured The Everglades The Following Year Ford, Edison, And Tire Maker Harvey Firestone Joined Together On A Summer Camping Trip And Decided To Call Themselves The Vagabonds They Would Continue Their Summer Road Trips Until 1925, When They Announced That Their Fame Made It Too Difficult For Them To Carry On.Although The Vagabonds Traveled With An Entourage Of Chefs, Butlers, And Others, This Elite Fraternity Also Had A Serious Purpose To Examine The Conditions Of America S Roadways And Improve The Practicality Of Automobile Travel Cars Were Unreliable And The Roads Were Even Worse But Newspaper Coverage Of These Trips Was Extensive, And As Cars And Roads Improved, The Summer Trip By Automobile Soon Became A Desired Element Of American Life.In The Vagabonds Jeff Guinn Shares The Story Of This Pivotal Moment In American History But He Also Examines The Important Relationship Between The Older Edison And The Younger Ford, Who Once Worked For The Famous Inventor The Road Trips Made The Automobile Ubiquitous And Magnified Ford S Reputation, Even As Edison S Diminished The Automobile Had Come Of Age And It Would Transform The American Landscape, The American Economy, And The American Way Of Life.Guinn Brings To Life This Seminal Moment When A New Industry Created A Watershed Cultural Shift And A Famous Businessman Became A Prominent Political Figure The Vagabonds Is A Wonderful Story Of Two American Giants And The Transformation Of The Country.

About the Author: Jeff Guinn

Jeff Guinn is a former longtime journalist, who has won national, regional and state awards for investigative reporting, feature writing, and literary criticism Guinn is also the bestselling author of numerous works of fiction and nonfiction including, but not limited to Go Down Together The True Untold Story of Bonnie and Clyde which was a finalist for an Edgar Award in 2010 The Last Gunfig

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    Woooo, was Henry Ford anti Semitic, or what Great book, but Ford and Edison, to a lesser extent was a racist d bag.

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    I like Guinn He is both a novelist of the old west and an excellent writer of social history This book which recounts the early automobile travel of the vagabonds Edison, Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone is a fascinating slice of history I knew nothing about Good portraits of thee Vagabonds in the context of the political and social histor

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    I read the galley and this is an excellent book not just for students of Ford or Edison, but for anyone interested in this era Fun, well written, highly researched and captivating I actually picked it up just as a respite from another book and have...

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    As someone who loves s a road trip, I enjoyed Jeff Guinn s non fiction account of Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Harvey Firestone s travels in the early days of the automobile Coming from Detroit, the Ford family looms large in that city in both a business and social sense, but I was not really aware of the extent of Ford s ingenuity in the public relat

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    The Vagabonds tells the story of the birth of the road trip, the American yen to load the family in the car and hit the highway Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone and Henry Ford, a trio of inventors and indus...

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    Excellent read Too bad both men were such terrible racists and anti semites Unbelievable

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    Wonderful book Thank you to Net Galley for an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review Highly recommend

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