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Bottle of Lies Bottle Of Lies Free Author Katherine Eban Capitalsoftworks.co.uk A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER From An Award Winning Journalist, An Explosive Narrative Investigation Of The Generic Drug Boom That Reveals Fraud And Life Threatening Dangers On A Global Scale The Jungle For PharmaceuticalsMany Have Hailed The Widespread Use Of Generic Drugs As One Of The Most Important Public Health Developments Of The Twenty First Century Today, Almost 90 Percent Of Our Pharmaceutical Market Is Comprised Of Generics, The Majority Of Which Are Manufactured Overseas We Have Been Reassured By Our Doctors, Our Pharmacists And Our Regulators That Generic Drugs Are Identical To Their Brand Name Counterparts, Just Less Expensive But Is This Really True Katherine Eban S Bottle Of Lies Exposes The Deceit Behind Generic Drug Manufacturing And The Attendant Risks For Global Health Drawing On Exclusive Accounts From Whistleblowers And Regulators, As Well As Thousands Of Pages Of Confidential FDA Documents, Eban Reveals An Industry Where Fraud Is Rampant, Companies Routinely Falsify Data, And Executives Circumvent Almost Every Principle Of Safe Manufacturing To Minimize Cost And Maximize Profit, Confident In Their Ability To Fool Inspectors Meanwhile, Patients Unwittingly Consume Medicine With Unpredictable And Dangerous Effects.The Story Of Generic Drugs Is Truly Global It Connects Middle America To China, India, Sub Saharan Africa And Brazil, And Represents The Ultimate Litmus Test Of Globalization What Are The Risks Of Moving Drug Manufacturing Offshore, And Are They Worth The Savings A Decade Long Investigation With International Sweep, High Stakes Brinkmanship And Big Money At Its Core, Bottle Of Lies Reveals How The World S Greatest Public Health Innovation Has Become One Of Its Most Astonishing Swindles. Never again will I swallow a new pill without finding out where the thing was manufactured Katherine Eban s devastating account of fraud in the generic drug industry is equally damning to the compromises that our regulators make in response to political demands for low cost medication Please do whatever you can to make sure your physician, your pharmacist, and your members of Congress read this book I am not greatly surprised that deception is widely practiced in the Indian drug industry, but I am shocked and greatly disappointed that our own Food and Drug Administration has relaxed its vigilance over the standards under which generic medicines are made even in our own country This needs to be corrected, ASAP.Eban deserves congratulation not only for her important research but also her skill as a narrator Once you begin, you ll find that Bottle of Lies keeps you turning the pages Well done Thanks to the Graedons and their People s Pharmacy show on National Public Radio for b We all need to thank Katherine Eban for her phenomenal book Bottle of Lies This is a must read book, especially if you re taking generic drugs I spent a lot of time after reading Eban s book researching the companies who make the generic drugs I take I am definitely switching away from certain generics based on my reading of Bottle of Lies Eban s Bottle of Lies is a blockbuster and needs to be on every 2019 Best Of list My gratitude for the courage of people wh Here is an important, easily read, current book with essential information we collectively need to prioritize rethinking of pharmaceutical ethics, manufacturing, delivery, politics, guidelines, and economics worldwide I strongly encourage those interested in public health, policy making, regulatory affairs, and global vision to hear Eban s story I also encourage all involved in pharmaceutical manufacturing to learn about integrity, the health consequences of short cuts, and ethical problem solving The term, ethical drug, traditionally means a pharmaceutical requiring a prescription The people who make medicines must have accountability and ethics, yet this is not the default case Many ethical drugs are not ethically made at all Money, greed, societal pressures, and ignorance all contribute Some generic medicines may be very weak, may contain contaminants, may be bogus, may be toxic, may have undergone dangerous processing errors The lack of consistent, uniform regulations worldwide results in potentially dramatic variations between a trademarked medicine and any given In a world where pharmaceutical companies charge thousands of dollars for life saving medicines that cost under a dollar to make and whose development was paid for by the taxpayer, inexpensive generics threaten to undercut prices and eliminate outrageous return on investment Only one w

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