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The Warriors of Dawn (Ler, #1) The Human Race Had Divided Into Two Species One Had Created The Other Normal Humans Had Experimented In Forced Evolution And Had Produced The Ler, A Sort Of Supermen Race, But Pacifistic And Contemplative The Ler Fled From The Turbulent Worlds Of Homo Sapiens And Established Their Own Quiet Planetary Colonies Which Made It All The Inexplicable When Reports Came In Of Fierce Planetary Marauders, Looting And Burning, Who Were Of Ler Ancestry The Existence Of Barbarian Lers Was A Contradiction In Terms And The Search For Their Reasons For Existence Was To Take A Human Male And A Ler Female Into An Expedition Into Strange Worlds And The Unsuspected Bypasses Of All The Systems Of Science And Philosophy.

About the Author: M.A. Foster

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Warriors of Dawn (Ler, #1) book, this is one of the most wanted M.A. Foster author readers around the world.

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    First of all Pay No Attention to the 1 in this title This is the second book of the series It takes place a very long time after The Gamplayers of Zan, and if you haven t read Gameplayers then you will not appreciate this book s references to the past, nor will you have anywhere near as good an understanding of Ler culture.This is a difficult book to rate because it is so uneven The overall quality of the prose itself

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    Amusing sci fi that started so well It turned into a stark and detailed journey to an alien world The villians are well drawn out and the plot is somewhat interesting The personal relationships could have been a hair sharper but I saw very few typos or other such problems This book is just in the okay pile I like to be wowed or inspired Science fiction just does not inspire me very often This story just lacks the indefinable s

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    Really didn t hold my interest I think part of the problem was the writing style, which came across to me as choppy and disconnected, and part of it was that I just didn t find his ler as compelling as the author seemed to About the most interesting thing was Usteyn s story block which I thought ...

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    1986 grade A 2015 grade A B Series book L1 This is a very good book The characters and story are complex and detailed and have a lot of growth and depth The pace includes both slow and fast areas with action and detail But it is also a long a difficult read which I had to do in segments There are several slow long journeys and past the first 100 or so pages, many of the paragraphs are long data dumps or dialog based lectures I had difficulty speed reading these via skimming and final 1986 grade A 2015 grade A B Series book L1 This is a very good book The characters and story are c...

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    I got about 60% through this first of the series anticipating that I would read all of them.Unfortunately, I just could not get into it There were some interesting ideas, but when it gets to the point where I am reading words only to drudge...

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    One of the best sci if I have ever read The klesh resonated with me particularly but I also enjoyed the detailed alien societies and who doesn t love a space opera

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