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Bloodline This light suspense has a definite historical feel to it In fact, it s loaded with history from France to Scotland Sometimes this became a bit tedious to me and I skimmed because it was so much information just sort of dumped in a conversational way, but still.I liked the on the run feel to the book Danger was constant and always right behind Skye and lots of times it was right on top of her, coming from several different sources It felt like the bad guys were everywhere And they were There were a couple twists I didn t see coming, a couple I did That s the way I like it knowing some things, but not everything.I didn t really connect emotionally with the characters or feel of their emotional connections to each other, so from that standpoint the story fell a bit flat for me, but overall this was a good story I like the concept and the idea of it I wonder if there will be another book It felt a bit open ended to me I would read the next book.Content mild violence, mild peril I received a complimentary copy of this book All opinions expressed are my own. 3.5 StarsBLOODLINE is a story full of adventure and suspense as characters raise to find artifacts that hold a long ago secret With a motley crew of characters, not knowing who to trust, and a quest to save a loved one s life, this story was entertaining from start to finish I enjoyed these characters, particularly the two main ones The author did a wonderful job of making you distrust basically everyone else I did suspect one of the villains early on, but it was still interesting to see how everything played out The romance was on the light side, but had some decent chemistry The plot kept thing interesting and moving at a steady pace There also is a nice lead in to a sequel, which would be interesting.In the end, was it what I wished for A very entertaining story If you enjoy stories like The Da Vinci Code or National Treasure, you will like this story of adventure and danger as these characters travel the globe in search of some hidden artifacts that prove a dangerous secret.Content Some violence, but clean.Source I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, which did not require a positive review nor affect it in any way. I LOVE books like this one It has a killer plot that will keep you guessing, great characters and it s just a great book Bloodline starts out in 1371, but quickly jumps to the present day Skye Armstrong is the main character and the reader sees everything through her eyes This really worked with this book, because, just like Skye, the reader has no idea who she can trust or who she should run from And Skye spends a lot of time running.There are so many characters in this one There s Skye s Auntie Marjorie who Skye is super worried about Jack, the man from the airplane who saves her life at airport And Professor Sumsion, Auntie Marjorie s boyfriend I had no idea who she could trust There s always someone after Skye in an almost uncanny way That really kept me guessing This book didn t take me long to read That s probably because I didn t want to put it down I guess I was afraid I d miss something if I did Plus Skye needed me to know what was happening to her Make sure to read it, I hope you love it as much as I did The author of this book is a friend, and we usually meet for lunch from time to time to chat about writing stuff One lunch, shortly after Kathi recovered from cancer treatments, she mentioned her daughter was taking her on a vacation to Europe They were planning on London, Paris, and Edinburgh Kathi said it would be nice to write a book about those places, because then she could call the trip a research expense I threw out a quest type story that tied back to the Hundred Years War as an option for a plot that might include France, England, and Scotland Kathi ran with it and created a story that is so much fun to read It reminds me of The Da Vinci Code with secret groups, a tie to history, twists and turns, and a lot of suspense But this one doesn t have the religious controversy of The Da Vinci Code, and it s clean, so you can hand it to your teenager to read Highly recommended for readers looking for a clean, suspenseful story with a hint of romance I m not going to give it a star rating because I read it a while ago maybe a year ago six months and the version I read was still going through final revisions and editing But it s 4 or 5 stars, probably my favorite book from Kathi so far. There were a few things I things that I rather enjoyed about this story The plot, for the most part, was pretty good It moved quickly and I did want to see what was going to happen next There were parts that were very predictable and others that were very dry, but it caught me enough that I continued reading.I love the cover art It is beautiful and very eye catching Cover artist two thumbs up Good job.I did have some problems with this story though, so much so that my husband told me that all I did was complain and I should pick up a new book The writing style had much to be desired I felt like it was something I could have done in high school It was extremely telling and very little showing I often felt like I in the story, just watching it from a foggy distance I mean, we are in Paris and traveling through castles in Scotland There is so much mood that can be developed here Skye and Jack s feelings could have bloomed less depending on where they were at by using the setting as a trigger, but it wasn t Just the fact that they were walking through cathedrals and tombs and we got so little descriptions They could have been floating through space for as much description was given with an occasional table or buttress that was flying around Pun intended Ms Peterson missed a lot of opportunities to really develop the story.I also had a really hard time with Skye in general For a good 3 4 of the story her internal monologue was how she doesn t know if she can trust Jack for falling for his dreamy eyes She couldn t make up her mind, like a pubescent teenager So intense and so angry, but then she d turn around and check out his jaw or eyes or something that it gave me a bit of whiplash Jack almost seemed like a MarySue where he was good at pretty much everything or knew everyone and was still the kind, compassionate, hot hunk of man meat I don t know, there didn t seem to be much to him aside from the MarySue skills he could provide The romance that was supposed to be blooming between them didn t strike me at all It seemed like Ms Peterson tried too hard to get them to work, but there was no real chemistry Like a Florence Nightingale affect because he saved her over and over again It was rather obnoxious.For being a historical suspense I was rather upset that there wasn t flashbacks to history, which is what the cover kind of told me would happen Instead there was a lot of historical info dump It was bad Important information to the story, but it was dry I was very disappointed.The ending was kind of a let down for me too Not by much, but I still wanted She wrapped it up very quickly when I feel like a epilogue wold have been helpful because we don t know what would really happen after There was a maybe we could do something, but shrugs who really knows I d like to have a confirmed this is what happens Ugh, I don t know I don t think I d read this again I don t even know if I d read anything else Ms Peterson is writing It s just really strange to me that she has written books, that this isn t her debut novel because that s what this definitely feels like. No questionable content, just predictable and unrealistic The characters just don t have much depth at all. France, The Old Queen Of France Lies On Her Deathbed With A Secret She Will Take To Her Grave There Is One True Heir To The Throne, One Who Would Have The Power To Ally France And Scotland But After Her Death, All That Will Be Left Are A Few Shreds Of Evidence Revealing The Stunning Identity Of Her SuccessorFlight Attendant Skye Armstrong Has Heard The Voice Of Warning Before, And As She S Returning Home From London, She Recognizes The Feeling Of Dread That Accompanies Her Sixth Sense Walking From The Airport Terminal To Get To Her Car, She Pauses In The Middle Of The Road Her Hesitation Gives A Good Samaritan The Split Second He Needs To Pull Her Out Of The Path Of A Speeding Car, Saving Her Life But Her Misfortunes Are Just Beginning When She Arrives Home, She Discovers That Auntie Marjorie Has Been Kidnapped, And Cryptic Instructions Have Been Left Behind Skye Must Retrieve The Contents Of A Safe Deposit Box And Deliver It To The Captors No Police Her Feelings Of Dread ReturnWhat Skye Discovers In The Bank Box Is Baffling A Single Page The Ancient Document Is Certainly Valuable, And With No Time To Lose, She Goes To The Rendezvous To Discover The Next Step A Cell Phone Rings Beneath A Park Bench She Answers The Call, And On The Screen Is A Picture Of Auntie, Unconscious Now The Kidnapper Demands Skye Find Two Pages Or Her Aunt Will DieWhat Secrets Are Hidden Within The Illuminated Pages, And Who Believes They Are Worth Killing For And What Role Does The Good Samaritan Play In All Of It Bloodline is the newest mystery suspense novel from author Kathi Oram Peterson This book gave me great anxiety It starts in the past in 1371 and then switches to present day From the beginning, the main character Skye is almost ran down and then she finds out her beloved Auntie Marjorie has been kidnapped This novel is set up so well that through most of the book you have no idea who to trust I mean every single person that Skye has helping her to find her Auntie and the secret pages from the past could potentially be who is behind the mystery I felt that everyone had reasons to be the bad guy, even the handsome and mysterious Jack.Bloodline is not an easy book to put down so I suggest you find some quiet time to just read the whole book in one sitting There is a lot of action in the book and a blossoming romance but the best part is figuring out all of the clues that are being given This novel also has a lot of history centering around The Hundred Years War and the royalty of England, France, and Scotland at that time You could almost call this novel s genre historical mystery suspense You can tell that the author did extensive research as she threaded together the plot If you like this type of novel you need to read Bloodline One last note, I LOVED the cover of this novel It s just gorgeous Everyone wanted to know what the book was about as I wandered around with it trying to catch a few minutes to keep reading.This book is good for older teens and adults and has mild violence Bloodline will keep you guessing and stressing from the beginning until the very end. I appreciate all the research that went into this book, but the plot was laughable and the writing was cringe inducing Like really bad The accents were weird, uneven, and unnecessary I kind of can t believe she has published other books Covenant needs to up its standards Books can be clean AND quality I want to be scathing than this, but I will hold myself back. The story idea for this was a creative and there was some great history involved I struggled with the romance though It felt forced and like there was a disconnect from the reader I felt there was telling of the story, than actually showing and feeling a part of what was happening I was not convinced there were any feelings between the two main characters I loved the setting and the journey though.

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