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Bad, Bad Blue Bloods (Rich Boys of Burberry Prep, #2) EPUB Bad, Bad Blue Bloods Rich Boys Of Burberry Prep, 2 Author C.M Stunich Couponpromocode.us Break The Rich Boys.It S Tricky, But Doable.Jerks Like Them Don T Deserve To Rule Burberry Prep.No, Tristan, Zayd, And Creed Are Going To Pay, And I Plan To Make An Example Of Them.Then There S Zack, The Varsity Football D Ck Oh, And Did I Mention A Prince Just Transferred To The Academy Whatever Will I Do With Those Two Revenge Is Wicked Sweet I Can T Wait For A Taste Defend Ourselves Against The Charity Case.We Re The Idols Of The School, The Kings Of The Campus.Marnye Elizabeth Reed.That Girl Is Nothing Like The Ones We Re Used To We Just Can T Decide If We Hate Her Or Love Her.She Might Come From Nothing, But She Sure Is Determined To Stir Up Something At The Academy.She Says She Ll Meet Our Challenge Dead On We Ll Make Sure She Regrets That 376 PAGES IN PAPERBACK BAD, BAD BLUEBLOODS Is A 94,000 Word Reverse Harem Dark High School Bully Romance Novel This Is Book Two Of Four In The Series Contains Foul Language And Sexual Situations Any Sex Featured Is Consensual.

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    Update Kindly refrain from swarming onto my review and accusing me of author cruelty or whatever I have written a critical review I m well within my rights to write a critical review, and to write it however I want You ll note that I have NOT gone onto any of the short, unjustified 5 star reviews and accused the writers of being mindless sheep, telling them to change their opinions So, i

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    So after digging around on social media found on insta the book is realised on 15th of April Thank me later

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    HookedThis second installment is a huge improvement from the first I m glad I stuck with it Having read C.M Stunich before, I had an idea that the storyline would pick up after the first book If you were concerned about Marnye being able to live up to her plans of revenge, have ...

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    It just gets better and better Can t wait to find out what happens next If you like Stepbrother Erotica and other Taboo books join my group

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    Revenge Sexual tension Desperately seeking for the next book Bad, Bad Blue Bloods was so freaking good I couldn t put this book down once I started it I love all these characters especially the ones I hate God, the blue bloods in this school are out for blood Maryne s blood to be exact but she s not going back to school weak and naive She has her own revenge plan Having a list, plan, and people to help her

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    So I can understand that all the guys are hot but can she just freaking pick one and and stop kissing and making out with all of them.So Marnye is back from her summer break with the plans and armour to exact her revenge on the idols and blue bloods that made her lif...

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    Confession I m probably lenient on the heroine due to the fact that I only read the prologue, 4 pages of the first chapter and about 4 pages of the last chapter in book 1 It was immediately clear in the first few pages of the first chapter that this was NOT going to be a heroine I liked Then in the few pages of the last chapter I saw how absolutely horribly they treated the heroine Ultimately I knew she would be an idiot a

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    OKI waited long enough to write this Two weeks to be exact I needed this time to formulate words to express my utter dislike of this second book of a OTT bully series.Lord knows I tried I wanted to suck up and enjoy the revenge plot I wanted to revel in how the heroine was going to get back at these friggin idiots for treating her so horribly granted, she walked into their trap so hastily and stupidly digress digressWhat happene

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    Marnye has a scholarship to a very exclusive rich kid school, where she is treated like trash because she is poor In the first book, one of her non boyfriends opens with the injustice of her attending their school for free, when his parents have to pay He is outraged Go back to poor town, poor girl Stay in your gutter, while we shine like the stars Is sort of their argument for why they have a right to be shitty to her He, and his cr

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    Why are people rating this book with low ratings when the book is not released yet and also there is no ARC

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