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The Chip-Chip Gatherers The Author Brings To Life An Unforgettable Cast Of Characters Set In A Tightly Knit Hindu Community In Trinidad, Against A Backdrop Of The Idiosyncrasies Of A Particular Culture And The Sometimes Hilarious, Sometimes Poignant Truths About Human Society A Compelling, Tragic, Painfully Comic Masterpiece THE TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT

About the Author: Shiva Naipaul

Shiva Naipaul 25 February 1945 13 August 1985 , born Shivadhar Srivinasa Naipaul in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, was a Trinidadian and British novelist and journalist.Shiva Naipaul was the younger brother of novelist V S Naipaul He went first to Queen s Royal College and St Mary s College in Trinidad, then emigrated to Britain, having won a scholarship to study Chinese at University College, Oxford At Oxford, he met and later married Jenny Stuart, with whom he had a son, Tarun 1.With Jenny s support, Shiva Naipaul wrote his first novel, Fireflies, and followed it with The Chip Chip Gatherers He then decided to concentrate on journalism, and wrote two non fiction works, North of South and Black White, before returning to the novel form in the 1980s with A Hot Country, a departure from his two earlier comic novels set in Trinidad, as well as a collection of fiction and non fiction, Beyond the Dragon s Mouth Stories and Pieces 2 Both his fiction and nonfiction were characterized by a starkly pessimistic view of Commonwealth societies that attacked the post imperial native hierarchies for their crassness and mimicry of the West, and in turn the banality and diffidence of Western liberalism.On the morning of 13 August 1985, at the age of 40, Naipaul had a heart attack while working at his desk 3 The Spectator Magazine, for whom his wife Jenny had worked as a secretary, and which had published many of his articles, established the since discontinued Shiva Naipaul Memorial Prize 4 In his book Sir Vidia s Shadow, Paul Theroux s memoir of Shiva s older brother, V.S Naipaul, Theroux described Shiva as a sot , shrunken by the towering figure of his famous brother, with a penchant for drunken partying and a need to have his meals made for him Theroux also took issue with Shiva s skills as a writer, particularly as a travel writer Recently, Sir Vidia s Shadow has come under attack for its demonstrable inaccuracies 5.A radicallypositive appreciation of Shiva Naipaul by the journalist Geoffrey Wheatcroft in The Spectator 3 is backed up by the novelist Martin Amis, who wrote that Shiva Naipaul was one of those people who caused your heart to lift when he entered the roomin losing him, we have lost thirty years of untranscribed, unvarnished genius 6 A recent Arena documentary on his brother V S Naipaul reproduced footage of Shiva from an earlier documentary from the early 1980s, in which Shiva returned to Trinidad to see his mother 7

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    An absolute ripper of a novel In its character studies, intimate portraits, and dark comedy, The Chip Chip Gatherers is a masterpiece I ve only once or twice read something close, but seldom have I read something this tinged with sadness throughout.I won t be reading this again, I think, because marvellous as it is, Shiva Naipaul s novel is claustrophobic in the way it describes the life of its charac

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    It really is a tragedy that Shiva Naipaul died so young, because, aside from the obvious reason, had he lived and continued to write, his body of work might have rivaled that of his muchfamous older brother The Chip Chip Gatherers measures up well against the works of V.S Naipaul, which is about the highest compliment I could pay to any novel Written in a style reminiscent of Vidia s early,comic novels, The Ch

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    It was at this time, when the tide was out, that the beds of chip chip were exposed and squadrons of women and children from the village would come down to the beach armed with buckets and basins to gather the harvest of shells The women wore petticoats but the smaller children would be naked Separate working parties fanned out along the beach Squatting on their haunches, they labored long and assiduously, shoveling a

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    Gloom with a ViewWriters have different takes on the human race Duhh Some emphasize romance, others humor, variety or mystery Both Shiva Naipaul and hisfamous brother present the most negative side of people Perhaps they felt trapped in a colonial society which they wished to escape, dreaming of wider horizons Trinidad may or may not boast of the two authors, I don t know, but Trinidadians could scarcely be proud of the picture

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    A decent alternativeWhile the less celebrated Naipaul brother doesn t have a massive list of accolades nd titles to his name, his writing is nonetheless pretty good My one complaint with his work is his insistence on telling and not showing While not a cardinal sin, it does irk me a bit at times.This book s depressive nature strikes very close to home for me, having grown up in a rural village in Trinidad as well The characters are reco

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    The Ramsaran Transport Company was the centre of the universe ,, 17 July 2015 This review is from Modern Classics the Chip chip Gatherers Paperback Utterly enjoyable read, following a group of people living in Trinidad, their lives following the predictable, almost necessary cycle of burgeoning and disappointment, hubris and humiliation, that all humans are subject to in Shiva Naipaul s scheme of things Amit Chaudhuri.The work centres on the vai

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    Riveting read In the enigma called life, ambitions can make you achieve anything Alas life is never glossy Your frailties lingers around you all the time It is such a difficult book to read yet so enthralling Jealousy, freedom of making your own mistakes, poverty, ambition, lack of it, needs can make you do weird and miraculous things.Read Shiva Naipaul for the boldness and compelling narration What a talent he has been and Alas what he would have been,

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    KOBOBOOKSReviewed by The Guardian 23 Mar 2012 KOBOBOOKSReviewed by The Guardian 23 Mar 2012

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    Okay, so I am a bit obsessed with Trinidad, but I really liked this novel by V.S s younger brother who isn t as well known mainly because he died tragically young For all the same reasons as I like Naipaul unforgiving realism, amazing dialogue, great social commentary.

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    The story of a man called Egbert Ramsaran Wanted to read something by Shiva Naipaul It wasn t an easy read as it wasn t in a style I was used to I liked reading about the East Indian community in Trinidad and the characters stayed with me.

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