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In This Fast Paced New Novel From Sara Shepard, The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Pretty Little Liars, A Tight Knit College Town Scrambles For Answers When An E Mail Hack Reveals Life Changing Secrets And ScandalsAldrich University Is Rocked To Its Core When A Hacker Dumps , People S E Mails The Entire Faculty, Staff, Students, Alums Onto An Easily Searchable Database Rumors And Affairs Immediately Leak, But Things Turn Explosive When Kit Manning S Handsome Husband, Dr Greg Strasser, Is Found Murdered Kit S Sister, Willa, Returns For The Funeral, Setting Foot In A Hometown She Fled Fifteen Years Ago, After A Night She Wishes She Could Forget As An Investigative Reporter, Willa Knows Something Isn T Right About The Night Greg Was Killed, And She S Determined To Find The Truth What She Doesn T Expect Is That Everyone Has Something To Hide And With A Killer On The Loose, Willa And Kit Must Figure Out Who Killed Greg Before Someone Else Is MurderedTold From Multiple Points Of View, Reputation Is Full Of Twists, Turns, And Shocking Reveals It S A Story Of Intrigue, Sabotage, And The Secrets We Keep And How Far We Go To Keep Them Hidden Number One Bestseller Sara Shepard Is At The Top Of Her Game In This Brand New Adult Novel Reputation

About the Author: Sara Shepard

Sara Shepard graduated from NYU and has an MFA from Brooklyn College She has lived in New York City, Brooklyn, Tucson, Arizona, Philadelphia, and now lives in Pittsburgh, PA Sara s Pretty Little Liars novels were inspired by her upbringing in Philadelphia s Main Line.

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    Three, this book bring out the split personalities hidden inside me by dividing my opinions into two different perspectives One POV of mine enjoyed this book and the other hated it because she wanted to punish all those characters for being so superficial, shallow, unrealistic like they re running out of a long time soap opera and accidentally jump into this bo

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    Did you ever see the recurring sketch on Saturday Night Live where they spoofed soap operas and telenovelas They make every single incident overly melodramatic, with pauses, emotional outbursts, and campy looks.As it roared toward its conclusion, I felt like Reputation was very similar to that sketch Every single character had one, if not multiple secrets, and as

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    A hacker exposes secrets the cat is out of the bag for all those who have their private emails exposed for all to see This book had some Mr Robot a T.V series vibes I loved the series and the chaos the hackers would unleash In the book, a prominent surgeon, Greg Strausser is murdered Could it be some kind of payback or revenge Maybe he pissed someone off Who has a mo

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    This book started out really strong for me I loved the description A huge university getting hacked All the previous faculty and student emails are out there for the world to see Ekkkk, can you imagine if the general public had access to every email you wrote Dear god, there would be hell to pay Yet some people were exposedthan others scandals, affairs, shopping habits,

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    Reading books by Sara Shepard is a pleasure that I do not feel the slightest bit guilty aboutMany thanks to the author for providing my signed review copy I shall treasure it forever and ever. Reading books by Sara Shepard is a pleasure that I do not feel the slightest bit guilty aboutMany thanks to the author for providing my signed review copy I shall treasure it forever

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    3.5 starsAn e mail hack exposes secrets of thousands of people the premise of this new novel by Sara Shepard is quite realistic in this day and age While most of our e mails may be excruciatingly boring to other people, some messages may turn out deadly to their writers or recipients When Kit Manning s husband is found murdered, her sister Willa, who is an investigative journ

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    This book was PLL s olderAngsty, twisted, disturbed, and dysfunctional sister A University s emails are hacked and exposed to everyone The professors, the students, the staff, everyone s dirty little secrets out there just waiting to be discovered The juiciest of all the secrets seem to belong to Dr Greg Strausser Who appears to be having an affair with someone who calls themsel

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    Woah Pretty Little Liars on steroids This was an absolutely crazy, crazy story and I could not get enough of it I read this on holidays and it was the perfect poolside book It was addictive, juicy and twisty all great qualities in a book This is actually the first Sara Shepard book I have read and I am wondering why.The characters were super nasty, manipulative and out for themselv

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    Campy, fun a great whodunnit Touching on important topics relevant to the MeToo era while also not taking itself too seriously, Reputation is really the thriller I needed from 2019 Having been a mega fan of Shepard s since the first Pretty Little Liars Book and corresponding 10 after , I was excited to delve into the deliciousness that is Reputation Opening with a prologue named for a

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    No Just NO When I read the premise of the book I thought it sounded interesting A major university was hacked and all of their secrets revealed It sounded intriguing, especially in today s world where so much hacking is happening However, that was just the beginning of this book There were so many barely developed story lines thrown at the reader that one could hardly keep up with them u

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