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The Wife Who Knew Too Much From Michele Campbell, The Bestselling Author Of It S Always The Husband Comes A New Blockbuster Thriller In The Wife Who Knew Too MuchTabitha Girard Had Her Heart Broken Years Ago By Connor Ford He Was Preppy And Handsome She Was A Pool Girl At His Country Club Their Affair Should Have Been A Summer Fling But It Meant Everything To TabithaYears Later, Connor Comes Back Into Tabitha S Life Older, Richer, And Desperately Unhappy He Married For Money, A Wealthy, Neurotic, Controlling Woman Whom He Never Loved He Has Always Loved TabithaWhen Connor S Wife Nina Takes Her Own Life, He S Free He Can Finally Be With Tabitha Nina S Home, Windswept, Can Be Theirs It Seems To Be A Perfect Ending To A Fairy Tale Romance That Began So Many Years Ago But Then, Tabitha Finds A Diary I M Writing This To Raise An Alarm In The Event Of My Untimely Death, It Begins If I Die Unexpectedly, It Was Foul Play, And Connor Was Behind It Connor And Her Who Is Connor Ford Why Did He Marry Nina Is Tabitha His True Love, Or A Convenient Affair As The Police Investigate Nina S Death, Is She A Convenient Suspect As Tabitha Is Drawn Deeper Into The Dark Glamour Of A Life She Is Ill Prepared For, It Becomes Clear To Her That What A Wife Knows Can Kill Her

About the Author: Michele Campbell

Michele Campbell is a graduate of Harvard College and Stanford Law School and a former federal prosecutor in New York City who specialized in international narcotics and gang cases A while back, she said goodbye to her big city legal career and moved with her husband and two children to an idyllic New England college town a lot like Belle River in IT S ALWAYS THE HUSBAND Since then, she has spent her time teaching criminal and constitutional law and writing novels She s had many close female friends, a few frenemies, and only one husband, who to the best of her knowledge has never tried to kill her.

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    I was a huge fan of A Stranger on the Beach so I was SO excited to be approved for an ARC of The Wife Who Knew Too Much.This one gripped me from the first page I was immediately sucked into Nina s diary entry I was equally absorbed by Tabitha and Conner s story, fascinated by the way their outrageous and shitty choices had domino effect after domino effect on other people.Then the twists

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    This is one of my records finishing a book in five freaking hours because I wanted to know what s gonna happen next and I was over excited I got emails or comments asking me out of the curiosity how I can read so many books in such a short time Well, I have three answers for that Using same fast reading technique since I was a nerd college student who preferred beers and cheap tequila over great

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    The Wife Who Knew Too Much starts with ultra wealthy Nina writing a letter saying that if she is found dead, that it was her husband who killed her Connor is about twenty years younger than Nina, they ve only been married a couple of years, their courtship could be measured in weeks months, and yes, he was dazzled by her wealth and once he got to experience it, he didn t want to give it up But, did he kil

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    3.5 A twisty story of love, second chances and oh yes, a hefty dose of betrayal Tabitha fell in love with Connor when she was just a teen Young love, first love Burning deeply And poor Tabitha never quite got over it So years later when Connor comes waltzing into the diner where she works, she feels that love light still shining brightly Can she recapture that passion she had Can her dreams still come true Well, t

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    4 stars for the story 2 stars for the writing and dialogue 3 stars overallThe Wife Who Knew Too Much is a quick, fast paced, easy read with a very decent plot Unfortunately, that s cancelled out by the not so great writing and dialogue The conclusion was also disappointing and easy to anticipate And Tabithapoor Tabby might be one of the dumbest characters I ve had the misfortune to read about for awhile I m definitely an o

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    Michele Campbell s latest in my hands YESSSSSS Thank you so much for my ARC, St Martin s Press I really appreciate it Original New Michelle Campbell in 2020 I haven t even read the synopsis and I want it immediately Michele Campbell s latest in my hands YESSSSSS Thank you so much for my ARC, St Martin s Press I really appreciate it Original New Michelle Campbell in 2020 I haven t even read the synopsis and I want it immediately

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    3.75 StarsTwisty, Turny and just plain Outrageous When Tabitha lost Connor, her first love, when she was a teenager, she never imagined that she d get him back The day that Connor Ford waltzed back into her life, everything changed Tabitha is a down on her luck waitress Connor is an uber successful businessman who is married to Nina, a very wealthy older woman An older woman who is positive that she is going to be murdered by her husband fo

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    4.5 stars rounded up If you re looking for an extremely suspenseful, nonstop tense novel, this is what you re looking for A very rich woman, Nina, is certain her younger husband, Connor, wants to kill her The prenup is ironclad if she leaves him, he gets millions, but if he cheats on her, he gets nothing Nina has evidence he s been having affair.Tabitha fell in love with Connor when they were just teenagers He was part of a wealthy family, she was t

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    I am a huge Michele Campbell fan Her thrillers are perfect for summer, usually having some beachy, summery elements, and look at this cover The Wife Who Knew Too Much is a gripping, dark, and consuming thriller It kept me up late and on the edge of my seat This one now publishes July 28, 2020, and I ll post my full review closer to pub I received a gifted copy All opinions are my own.Many of my reviews can also be found on my blog www.jennifertarheelreader.c

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    Curiosity.and all that.Gonna get cha in a lotta trouble.The Wife Who Knew Too Much plays out with the inner nudge of a female persuasion to always draw aside the curtain We all seem programmed to not let sleeping dogs lie Why do we poke at something relentlessly until it sinks its teeth into us Tabitha Girard leans against the wall of The Grill for a moment s reprieve from a heavy night of waitressing Her shift is almost over, but her feet just want to find the door

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