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The Holdout In This Twisty Tale From Moore The Sherlockian , The Academy Award Winning Screenwriter Of The Imitation Game, Young Juror Maya Seale Is Convinced That African American High School Teacher Bobby Nock Is Innocent Of Killing The Wealthy White Female Student With Whom He Appears To Have Been Involved And Persuades Her Fellow Jurors Likewise Ten Years Later, A True Crime Docuseries Reassembles The Jurors, And Maya, Now A Defense Attorney, Must Prove Her Own Innocence When One Of Them Is Found Dead In Maya S Room 3.50The Holdout started off strong and then lost a bit of its edge It was still a good read, but not as good as it seemed to promise at the beginning It s the second novel I ve read this past year focused on the dynamics between jury members In this case, the story is told from Maya s perspective in two timelines Maya sat on a jury that acquitted a young teacher accused of murdering his teenage student Ten years later, Maya is a criminal defence lawyer, and she s invited to a reunion of all the jury members The old murder remains unsolved and the reunion leads to another mystery Clever idea, but it didn t entirely wow me in its execution Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an opportunity to read an advance copy. BOTM pick for February 2020 This will be a short review, because the less you know about this book going in the better, but what a wild ride While some parts of the plot were a bit far fetched and reaching at times, it didn t cause my interest to wane, and if you can suspend the need for 100% believability, I think you ll enjoy this book as much as I did We get two mysteries for the price of one in this book, and if that kind of a bargain doesn t sell you, then perhaps the exploration of social justice issues such as racism and profiling will Clearly the author has some sort of experience in screen writing, and I can wholly see this being optioned for screen, a project I d be thrilled to watch Overall, this was a juicy, escapism type of read and I d recommend it to those looking for an exciting way to pass the time in 2020Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy. Graham Moore s legal thriller is a compulsive and enthralling novel, based in Los Angeles, that points out many of the shortfalls of the justice system, from law enforcement, media intensity and social media, right through to the court trial and the jury system Moore exposes the multiple ways that society throughout its racist judicial system stacks the cards against black defendants In 2009, 25 year old black music teacher, Bobby Nock, is on trial for the murder of 15 year old schoolgirl, Jessica Silver, the daughter of billionaire, Lou Silver There is no body, but the prosecution led by Ted Morningstar, think they have a slam dunk case with the evidence they present, only to find themselves being confounded As the trial sets to conclude, the jury, with the exception of Maya Seale, plan to deliver a guilty verdict Maya does not fall in with the others, instead she turns each juror so that Bobby Nock is found not guilty.However, each juror found themselves facing public and media excoriation for their controversial verdict, bringing with it notoriety and a raft of life changing consequences 10 years on, Maya is now a successful lawyer, a partner at Cantwell Myers, invited to a reunion of the original jury members at the same hotel they had all been sequestered in The Murder Town podcast team are turning the trial into a Netflix docuseries, in which Rick Leonard, one of the jury members, is planning to present incontrovertible evidence of how they all got it wrong and Bobby Nock was as guilty as sin A reluctant Maya attends, and in a narrative that goes back and forth in time, what happened at the original trial is slowly revealed, and in the present, the reunion kicks off a cycle of death and destruction that threatens to claim Maya as a victim.Moore writes a fast paced, intense and riveting legal drama, peppered with twists, underlining from a legal perspective, that often while the truth can be an accurate reflection of what occurs, it can prove to be a poor legal strategy, leaving defendents with the stark choice of the high likelihood of being found guilty if they tell the truth or have a better outcome by lying Whilst feeling ambivalent about the ending, I found this to be a highly entertaining read that touches on the serious issues of ethics, morality, race and justice, or aptly, injustice There are instances where a suspension of disbelief will be required, but otherwise this is an engaging legal thriller that I recommend Many thanks to Orion for an ARC. DNF 51%I just can t finish this one.Maybe it s the third person narrative, I don t know, but I m so disconnected from this book that my red low battery icon has been showing since around 20% into it Don t let me discourage you from picking it up, different books for different fry cooks, amiright sorry, that s all I could come up with sees myself out I was provided an ARC by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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