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Best-Kept Lies Best Kept Lies By Lisa Jackson Released On Jun , Is Available Now For Purchase

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    I read this book in an anthology with Slade s story and that was a mistake for a couple of reasons 1 The books are extremely repetitive with regards to Randi and her situation It s said dozens of times throughout Slade s book that someone is trying to kill Randi and tha

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    This is the fourth in a series by Lisa Jackson I didn t enjoy it as much as I did the other books in the series because it seemed as if the development of the plot was too hurried and the characters weren t well developed After wondering through three previous books who was threa

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    Good BookThis was a quick read but a very enjoyable I have enjoyed every Lisa Jackson book that I have read.

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    Good readSex,mystery than the others, and a little humor Her and her son s lives are in danger and he can keep them safe.or can he Throw a little romance into the mix and you have a really good combination Highly recommend.

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    A good story with a headstrong young woman, who finds herself with an unwanted bodyguard A very good looking, rugged man with a bad boy, dangerous type of attitude to him Even though Randi fights him every step of the way, she is also drawn to this kind of man Over time she begins to see, he is different beca

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    disappointing After all that lead up from three previous books, i expected the person who wanted to kill Randi to be slightly less obvious and the fact that Kurt didn t guess was ridiculous and then the epiphany when he suddenly did, her brothers did also was just disappointing The romance was the only decent thing abo

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    It jumped around a little bit,but it delivered a happy ending and I really like her writing, I like it that the culprit was not so readily apparent, I would recommend her books for the joy of reading for enjoyment.Need to decrease the amount of words required we re not writer s we only read,and that s enough said.okay okay okay.

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    THE McCAFFERTY SA great series I usually don t read continue stories but this one was good especially since I read back to back Under have all Lisa Jackson and really enjoyed this series.

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    Lisa Jackson ends her McCafferty series with Best Kept Lies, also issued under the title Randi, it has been a while since I ve read such a good series under Harlequin moniker Well worth the time and effort to track this series down to purchase or look for in book sales, pbk swap or bookmooch.

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    il finale un po brusco, ma la storia carina si pu leggere.

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