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Kidnapped: His Innocent Mistress If I Accept His Offer To Be His Mistress, I Could Have The Finest Silks, The Best Carriage And Be Transformed From Ugly Duckling To A Pampered, Pretty Swan And Although I Would Feel A Virtuous Pride In Turning Down The Wicked Rake, I Also Have An Unmaidenly Interest In Exactly What The Role Would EntailCatriona Is Doing Her Best To Resist The Skillful Seduction Of The Scandalous Heir To The Earl Of Strathconan But Kidnapped And Shipwrecked With Only This Rake As Company, Her Adventure Has Just Begun

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    It s been a while since I read a story with only the point of view of the narrator, I feared it will restrain the story to the wall of her mind.But no, Mrs Nicola Cornick is very talented and she brung to life a very strong female character and she crafted a very entertaining tale.Catriona is no damsel in distress, she is very down to earth, she says she act

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    Written in 1st personI was quite shocked to discover this Historical was written in the first person pov I questioned if I would be able to connect with all the characters which I have had problems with in other 1st person pov s However, I did not experience that issue with Kidnapped Nicola is a master at creating a complete scene no matter what I felt what the other

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    Meh Nicola Cornick is an author I can normally count on to provide a couple of hours of good historical romance reading, but Kidnapped His Innocent Mistress wasn t one of her better stories She states in her intro that this book is her homage to RLS and it was easy to see that, however, the light heartedness usually present was just missing for me in this tale.When Catriona is

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    The title implies that he kidnapped her and made her his mistress Wrong They were kidnapped together She wasn t his mistress they re SORTA cousins, 2 3 times removed and shared at most a few kisses They didn t have relations until after they got married Characters are kind of lame Disliked the H with his weird morals and ethics and the HH with her internal tweenage thoughts and envies Th

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    The book is written in first person I have put aside many a books on the first page, just for this reason I m glad that I, for once, looked past this and gave it a go It reads like a memoir and the subheadings give you a clue as to what to expect in the coming chapter Catriona first meets Mr Sinclair at her father s wake The author s other heroines are usually overcome with desire upon first seein

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    There were some elements of Kidnapped that I really enjoyed, and yet overall I found my interest languishing a little during the read Having said this, I read it within a day and found it light and a nice afternoon read.I liked both Catriona and Neil but I didn t feel that we really knew Neil He served the purpose of hero to Catriona but I felt that he wasn t quite developed enough for me to fall in love wi

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    BLOG www.quiuboleecon.blogspot.comINSTAGRAM www.instagram.com jesica_vas A esta protagonista le pasa de todo jajajaja y aun asi sigue firme en sus convincciones de no dejarse convencer de ser la amante del protagonista, me hicieron reir mucho, como se fueron enamorando en medio de todo lo que pasaron y sin perder el sentido del humor con las conversaciones que tenian jjajjajaa BLOG www.quiuboleecon.blogspot.comINSTAG

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    I was expecting an enjoyable but predictable category romance Instead I found a delightful tribute to Stevenson s Kidnapped, told in the first person Nothing was terribly surprising, but it was all delightful and vivid and the characters were so much fun A really nice companion while trekking around public transportation in the aftermath of a winter storm.

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    3 Plucky courageous heroine, against rake type still a rake hero, unexpected plot turns, lovely forced intimacy and dailiness, and no contrived drama based on that one easy conversation they somehow refuse to have I dig.

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    I am not fond of books that are written in the first person I did not find this very interesting Dialogue was basically nonexistent, there was no humor, and the ending was spectacularly dull.

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