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Live Rich: Everything You Need to Know To Be Your Own Boss Money Can Buy You HappinessIn Die Broke Stephen Pollan Introduced A New Radical New Strategy For Spending, Saving, And Investing Money In Today S Financial MarketIn Live Rich, He Now Concentrates On The Earning Side With The Compelling Observation That Living Rich Has Less To Do With Net Worth And Everything To Do With Freedom You Can Live The Life You Want By Adhering To The Four Tenets Of The Live Rich Philosophy Make Money Too Many Of Us Have Been Fed The Line That Work Isn T Necessarily About Making Money Tell That To Visa Next Time They Send You A Bill Don T Grow, Change Be Ready To Change Your Work Paradigm On A Moment S Notice, To Morph From Career To Career Several Times As Conditions And You ChangeTake Charge In The Twenty First Century, You Must Become Proactive And Start Taking Measured RisksBecome A Mercenary Think For Yourself As A Free Agent, Responsible For Your Own Security And Always On The Lookout For The Next Great JobLive Rich With Stephen Pollan S Revolutionary Workplace Ideals, As Well As A Detailed Action Plan, You Can Apply This Philosophy To Every Facet Of Your Life And Truly Live Rich

10 thoughts on “Live Rich: Everything You Need to Know To Be Your Own Boss

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    When I began reading this book, I automatically wrote down the title of the other book that Pollan wrote, titled, Die Broke I was sure that it would be as good as this one I really enjoyed this book While I

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    A business partnership isn t a marriage or friendship, it s a joint venture to make money Pg 68 This book was very good, although the end was basically a skim through of outdated info one of the chapters was actually

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    What to expect reading a 1999 book in 2020 Of course, technology and the way we work today has moved on.Nevertheless, this book offered some timeless wisdom and advice on being your own entrepreneur One of the gems I picked up

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    This review is from LIVE RICH PB Paperback This book is controversial, but it is actually pretty good If you can get beyond some of the surface level disagreements you might have with Mr Pollan, you will find his work insightful and that

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    I agree with the general tenets make money don t grow, change take charge and become a mercenary or create Yourself.com However, the rules for doing so come across as being far too New Yorker, far too lawyer, and far too baby boomer Further, there

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    If I had a successful uncle who offered great career advice, I wouldn t need this book his tips, while geared toward the small business owner, are applicable to any worker wishing to gain control of their career I plan to keep this book refer to it time aga

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    This books sucks It s nothing like what you d expect or thwat the title claims It s a opportunistic Jewish lawyer trying to make a buck by telling us how to live rich He talks a lot about the importance of the telephone is doing business and about getting a good deal

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    Different approach to the view of money Loved the first half of the book, not crazy about the second half.

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    Though there were some interesting ideas in the book, it was not particularly fun to read It did not add much to the information given by other personal finance books.

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    I liked this book It is great for the employee and entrepreneur alike.

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