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The Christmas Child A Chicago Journalist Finds Himself In A Small Texas Town On Christmas Eve Lonely And Alone, He Encounters Old Faces And New Facts A Hand Carved Manger, A Father S Guilt, A Young Girl S Faith The Trip Into The Past Holds His Key To The Future, And A Scarlet Cross Shows Him The Way Home.This Christmas Treasure, Formerly Titled The Christmas Cross Now Repackaged And Redesigned, Is Quickly Becoming A Christmas Classic.The Book Takes Place In Three Different Settings With Four Main Characters The Film Has Expanded To Include Nearly 69 Locations, 347 Set Ups, 34 Speaking Parts And Over 300 Extras The Christmas Child Is Directed By Bill Ewing, The Former Senior Vice President Of Sony Pictures, Whose Last Films Included Men In Black II And Spiderman The Film Is Produced By Tom Newman Of Impact Productions And Penelope Foster, Producer Of Free Willy, Rosewood And Many.The Main Character, Jack, Is Played By William Moses Of Perry Mason And Falcon S Crest His Wife, Meg, Is Played Megan Follows Of Anne Of Green Gables Also Features Steven Curtis Chapman As The Town S Minister.

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    3.5 StarsTwo short stories, one deep message.

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    This was a sweet story of forgiveness.

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    Very quick read sweet story.

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    This is a short, fictional tale by renowned Christian author Max Lucado.If you know me well or have already read my other Goodreads review, then you know about my near obsession with Lucado he s one of my favorite writers across all genres I figured I d give this book a read because I m trying to fulfill a goal of rea

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    book, fiction a very touching story about a man and his wife who are struggling in their marriage.b The main character, a man whose father receives a photo in the mail a photo of a church Clearwater Lutheran Church He sets out to find the church pictured in the photo What he learns upon find...

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    After I got into this story, I realized that I had seen the movie Still, it s a great story of forgiveness and finding your true self We all can take a page out of this book Do you have someone you need to forgive this Christmas While Christmas is a time of great joy for many, it is also a ve...

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    This book wasn t bad but it wasn t the best either It was really short and didn t take long to read but it also did not have a lot of details I think it could have been expanded and would have been better but it was an ok book the way it was.

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    The Christmas Child is a sweet, touching story about forgiveness and the real meaning of Christmas My eyelashes brimmed with tearsthan once The mesage of the scarlet cross was so perfectly put This book has been such a blessing to me Merry Christmas D

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    Another super short story This one is about making mistakes, forgiveness, and love It begins with the story of a hand carved nativity set at a church in Texas, and ends with secrets revealed and hearts mending.

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    Uplifting and enjoyable Very short, so it can be read aloud.

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