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The Silver Skull Meet Will Swyfte Adventurer, Swordsman, Rake, Swashbuckler, Wit, Scholar And The Greatest Of Walsingham S New Band Of Spies His Exploits Against The Forces Of Philip Of Spain Have Made Him A National Hero, Lauded From Carlisle To Kent Yet His Associates Can Barely Disguise Their Incredulity What Is The Point Of A Spy Whose Face And Name Is Known Across Europe But Swyfte S Public Image Is A Carefully Crafted Facade To Give The People Of England Something To Believe In, And To Allow Them To Sleep Peacefully At Night It Deflects Attention From His Real Work And The True Reason Why Walsingham S Spy Network Was EstablishedA Cold War Seethes, And England Remains Under A State Of Threat The Forces Of Faerie Have Been Preying On Humanity For Millennia Responsible For Our Myths And Legends, Of Gods And Fairies, Dragons, Griffins, Devils, Imps And Every Other Supernatural Menace That Has Haunted Our Dreams, This Power In The Darkness Has Seen Humans As Playthings To Be Tormented, Hunted Or EradicatedBut Now England Is Fighting Back Magical Defences Have Been Put In Place By The Queen S Sorcerer Dr John Dee, Who Is Also A Senior Member Of Walsingham S Secret Service And Provides Many Of The Bizarre Gadgets Utilised By The Spies Finally There Is A Balance Of Power But The Cold War Is Threatening To Turn Hot At Any MomentWill Now Plays A Constant Game Of Deceit And Death, Holding Back The Enemy S Repeated Incursions, Dealing In A Shadowy World Of Plots And Counter Plots, Deceptions, Secrets, Murder, Where No One And No Thingis Quite What It Seems

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    This is not the fault of the author, but my enjoyment of this book was marred by one thing I kept wondering what it would have been like if written by another author.Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire review

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    I actually really enjoyed this one It was so dark and ominous and bloodthirsty and even though it was long and slower to read in parts overall I really enjoyed the story.I rushed out to get the second book but then never ended up reading it Kinda mad at myself for that But hey, we all know what that means this book will get a re read at some stage Highly recommend for th

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    I loved this book Mark Chadbourn does a wonderful job of portraying England as it probably was The dirty crime and grim filled streets, the bad guys lurking in corners of the bad areas There was a slight problem with the first 80 or so pages as it was a little hard to know who the enemy was and who The Enemy was It wasn t fully explained and it almost made me feel as though there

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    There are times when you read a book that s so amazing to you that you feel the author had you personally in mind when they wrote it, that s exactly how I feel about Mark Chadbourn s The Silver Skull The Silver Skull is set in an alternate version of the Elizabethan England period The story follows Will Swyfte the greatest spy England has ever known He s handsome, daring, smart and dangerou

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    A fascinating fantasy take on Elizabethan England.The story centres around Will Swyfte who is the most famous spy in all of England Only the title is a facade He never went on any of the quests the stories about him refer to The truth is he is a spy who fights against unseen arcane forces that threaten England s existence with the aid of the Spanish view spoiler They creatures he fights are referred

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    Could not keep me interested

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    I loved it Elizabethan James Bond versus otherworldly foes in a Cold War that s gone hot.

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    There are a lot of things about this book that appeal to me I m fond of historical fiction with a fantasy twist I like English history Secret societies, in this case a special spy ring for Queen Elizabeth, are great Swashbuckling action can t get enough And yet, it kinda fell flat for me, and the reason I fear resides in the main character Will Will is they spy s spy He has a public face which is intended to give the people of En

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    There are things that go bump in the night Things so horrible that most kill themselves after learning the truth Someone must protect England from the horrible machinations of so sinister an Enemy enter Will Swyfte, a spy extraordinaire and known to most of the English public.I did like the book, but I found myself putting the book down if I read every word Skimming the novel was fareffective in getting through the plot The world was inter

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    I don t have a date I finished this book because I didn t finish it I very rarely put down a book without finishing it, but I could not survive the first few chapters of this one The story itself was interesting enough I m a big fan of Celtic mythology and I ve loved a number of other books that have touched on Celtic folklore themes Not this one.The characters are just too wooden My overall impression from the first few chapters is a literary finge

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