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Trust Me (Fingerprints, #3) Download Trust Me Fingerprints, 3 By Melinda Metz Firstchance10k.co.uk She Touches Your Fingerprints She Knows Your Thoughts.It Was Anthony Who Helped Me Understand What I Can Do Who Showed Me That I Wasn T Crazy.I Was Only Trying To Thank Him, To Help Him Find What He S Been Searching For His Entire Life But He Thinks I Ve Betrayed Him.He Doesn T Understand That The Answers I Found Aren T What Either One Of Us Expected And The Truth Could Hurt Me As Much As It Hurts Him.

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    Source I own a copy of this book Rae decides to try and find outabout Anthony s father, and her own mother.This was another okay YA mystery story, but I m starting to get bored.Rae once again did odd and dangerous stuff in this book with little thought for her own safety, and Anthony also made some seriously dubious choices and d

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    Trust Me was an okay read, but it wasn t as good as the second installment, Haunted.Unfortunately, Rae went back to being really stupid She done something that put her in danger, that was also done behind someones back view spoiler Then she couldn t understand WHY he was angry hide spoiler She then put herself in evendanger, later on in th

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    These books are starting to get better There will be spoilers in this review, can t help it, so stop now or forever hold your peace, you ve been warned I like Yana I so hope she is not one of the wacko that s after Rae Can t help but feel she is Rae never touches anything of Yana s w o her Mush on so we never hear any of Yana s thoughts This isn t m

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    ste es el tercer libro de la saga, sigue siendo demasiado corto en comparaci n a otros que he le do pero es entretenido y algunas escenas son muy cuquis , principalmente porque la relaci n entre Rae y Anthony comienza a desarrollarse y sus escenas son muy tiernas y no es insta love Como se preocupan mutuamente por el bienestar del otro, en serio es de las par

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    This series just gets better and better The momentum from book one through book three is phenomenal, just as one mystery is solved, another rears it ugly head The writing is sublime and Melinda Metz knows just how to balance out the suspense with doses of everyday life.This book focuses on Rae s search for Anthony s father which brings about shocking results for both R

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    Trust Me is the third book in the Fingerprints series and it reveals so much about the parents of both Rae and Anthony Rae and Anthony are getting closer so much so that both are always trying to find ways to help the other This time, Anthony wants to repay Rae for getting him a try out on her school s football team as well as for assisting him with his reading problem Rae wants

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    I picked up this series secondhand and had a burst of reading through this series.A great little paranormal mystery for YA s Rae s ability to hear things through touch has screwed up her life making her an outcast in school She finally agrees to attend a support group and things start to look up a little and then someone tries to kill her.Really glad I had the others in the series to r...

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    This series has been keeping me late night after night.I seem to cant get enough of it.In this book, we discoverabout Rae s mom and the person who s been wanting to kill Rae.Also, some minor misunderstanding between Rae and...

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    Rae is the girl who can read fingerprints Anthony, a friend, has dyslexia He s great at football, but is afraid to change schools and switch to a new team since he d have to do some academic tests, and ...

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    Characters are wearing even thinner, and the plot has become too transparent to hold my interest much longer The writing is still catchy though, and this series is good step above a lot of the romance mystery YA offerings out th...

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