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Advanced Methods for Conducting Online Behavioral Research This Book Goes Beyond The Basics To Teach Readers Advanced Methods For Conducting Behavioral Research On The Internet Readers Are Shown, Step By Step, How To Conduct Online Experiments, Surveys, And Ability Testing, Use Advanced Graphic Tools, Apply Automatic Text Analysis Tools, Check The Validity Of Protocols, And Much. This book has a lot of good tips for conducting research online Much of it comes from articles published in peer reviewed journals, which you can access through databases if you re a university based researcher But it s nice to have it all brought together A lot of the technical info won t be all that relevant to people who d rather use online survey platforms like Qualtrics rather than hassle with building their own pages But there s plenty of useful content, even if you re not going to take up HTML and Java programming For instance, I found the discussion on offering incentives to participants to be really enlightening I definitely recommend checking this book out If you collect data online, you will find something that will enhance your research practice. Solid addition to a research methods library Translating traditional research methods and some traditionally qualitative methods into the online setting Several chapters give links to software, other service sites, or give examples of letters used Nice ethics chapter at the end. i loved this book

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