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Twelve-Gauge Guardian The Bad News Is That Journalist Raine Chandler Is On The Run From A Killer, But Her Luck Is About To Change As She Catches The Eye Of Hunky Cordell Winchester In Town On Family Business, The Cowboy PI Can T Ignore A Lady In Need Or Resist The Urge To Help Her Solve An Abduction Case Long Gone Cold But The Blue Eyed Woman Is Herself As Much Of A Temptation As She Is A MysteryBy The Time A Storm Strands Them At The Winchester Ranch, Raine And Cordell Decide To Bare All, Body And Soul Moved By Cordell S Confessions, Raine Makes Her Own Shocking Revelation Now, With Another Girl Gone Missing, Cordell Has To Trust And Protect The Woman Who Has Already Stolen His Heart

About the Author: B.J. Daniels

B.J Daniels life dream was to be a policewoman After a career as an award winning newspaper journalist, she wrote and sold 37 short stories before she finally wrote her first book Since then she has won numerous awards including a career achievement award last year for romantic suspense.She lives in Montana with her husband, Parker, two Springer Spaniels, Jem and Spot, and a temperamental tomcat named Jeff When she isn t writing, she snowboards, camps, boats and plays tennis.

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    What a wonderful story It is so full of suspense and intrigue Twin brothers Cordell and Cyrus Winchester are invited to the Winchester Ranch by their Grandmother, Pepper Winchester Cyrus get to Whitehorse, MT first Upon Cordell arrival, he is unable to locate his brother Where was Cyrus Was couldn t he feel that twin connection anyWait why was a woman driving his brother s truck Raine Chandler is in Whitehorse, MT looking for clues into the disappearance of a young girl decades ago What a

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    Winchester twins Cyrus and Cordell have different opinions about returning to the family ranch compound after being invited by grandmother, Penny The same grandmother that chased the entire family away when her youngest son refused to come at her demand 27 years ago When Cordell arrives in town, it s evident Cyrus has already arrived but he s nowhere to be found What Cordell does find is beautiful reporter , Raine Chandler She s driving Cyrus truck and rummaging through Cyrus belongings Winchest

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    Cordell Winchester is supposed to meet his twin, Cyrus, so they can go see their grandmother in Whitehorse, MT However, instead of finding his brother, he meets Raine Chandler who is driving his brother s truck Raine is there to find the people who take little girls and then kill them Soon Cord is protecting her and trying to help her.Great story with wonderful character development and mystery.

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    P.I Cordell Winchester was not inclined on a reunion with his estranged grandmother, Pepper Winchester but agreed only for the sake of his brother, Cyrus who wanted to see the Winchester Ranch if only for the last time But on arriving in Whitehorse, he finds a mysterious woman breaking into his brother s hotel room According to Raine Chandler, Cyrus has been a victim of a hit and run while trying to save her and is now in a hospital But Cordell has his doubts about her story Soon his fears P.I Cordell Winches

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    For me, this was the worst in the Whitehorse, Montana Winchester Ranch series The premise was great, but the story quickly turned into a truly convoluted plot with little lies and untruths sprinkled here and there, an anticlimactic finale weird, at best , and still no resolution to the main arc.I loved the two leads though Great interaction and wonderful chemistry It wasn t enough, though.

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    Continuation of the Winchester Ranch Whitehorse, Montana series Good characters Enjoyable read Again, another Daniels story with no use of condoms by the characters These people were total strangers who made love on the second or third day of knowing each other I consider an author who overlooks this to be negligent.

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    The weirdest things happen to the poor grandkids in this series I like the way Raine is tough enough to withstand everything that happened to her, the way that Cordell can manage through the crisis thrust upon him, and the fact that the Sheriff is back solving crimes I am actually starting to feel sympathetic for Grandma now although she could still possibly be a cold blooded killer.

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    Who better to have around than a Winchester when some one is running from a killer.

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    Harlequin Intrigue is not your normal love story They combine it with a mystery that makes the books addicting to read

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    After reading review, I thought I wouldn t like this book But, B.J Did it again I loved this book It was fast paced and not dark like I was afraid it would be.

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