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Charity Girl Read Charity Girl Author Georgette Heyer Liversite.co.uk When Fate And A Chivalrous Impulse Combine To Saddle Viscount Desford With A Friendless Homeless Waif Named Cherry Steane, To Whom Else Should He Turn In Such A Scrape But His Old Childhood Playmate, Henrietta Silverdale For All They Refused To Oblige Their Parents By Marrying, They Have Always Been The Best Of Friends But As Desford Pursues Cherry S Lickpenny Grandfather And Reprobate Father Around Unfashionable Watering Places And The Seedier Fringes Of Society, Hetta Is Forced To Wonder Whether He Might Not, At Last, Have Fallen In Love Without The Timely Intervention Of His Scapegrace Brother Simon, And Hetta S Worthy Suitor Gary Nethercott, Desford Is In Danger Of Making A Rare Mess Of His Affairs Charity Girl Is A Wonderful Romantic Novel By The Queen Of The Regency Romance, One Of The Most Popular Historical Novelists Of All Time.

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    Is this even a Heyer novel What is this Okay, alright, I know I m being harsh The quality is there The gorgeous writing is there The delightful slang, elegant turn of phrases and general Heyer feels are there BUT Who on earth are those flat,

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    Not one of Heyer s best, but an enjoyable read This one is mostly a comedy of manners, and while it s never laugh out loud funny, I read it with a smile on my face.The romance is quite weak, although I was glad that the story didn t go in the directio

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    Wow The first Heyer I geniunely, completely disliked The plot has been done much better before By Heyer Many times There were no hijinx Just an annoying search for equally annoying, selfish, awful people who weren t even amusing to hear about The characters wer

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I enjoyed reading Charity Girl very much but this is the first Heyer book I have read that slogged through the middle before bringing me to a delightful conclusion I am a true fan of Georgett

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    1.5I ll just leave this as an explanation for myself I cannot believe the same person wrote The Grand Sophy wrote this You never get the feeling of who should be together One of the positive things in this story is the hero himself He is rarely with the heroine since he is trying

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    After rereading The Foundling Cousin Kate having an improved opinion of both, I did hope my assessment of Charity Girl would improve I didn t expect to like this novel, mind, but hoped to find it an average read Wrong Charity Girl is still terrible owes a lot to The Foundling Sprig Muslim b

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    Like Sprigged Muslin, which has GH s wit and carefully crafted characters but little romance, this story involved the hero, a viscount and heir to a title, becoming entangled with a secondary character, the charity girl of the title, who is not his love interest He spends much of his time apart from

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    A fine, good Heyer s Regency novel One of shorter One of her last and I could have seen her professional pen here One may say Good job.Yes, I have noticed many similarities with her other stories, e.g The Foundling , but it didn t bother me because I found here engaging characters Simon was like some splendid

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    The question has been raised in other reviews, What is this book really about Because it doesn t seem to be about romance I think it could be about Sons and Brothers , or perhaps lord Desmond grows up The relationship between the H and his father and brother is quite lovely Charity s father Mr Steane is a very good char

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    Not one of thesuccessful Heyers, this starts out with the introduction of a billion characters we never meet again, and then involves a lot of travelling in hunt of people, a too large late appearance of a Falstaff, and very little chance to see the main couple even in the same room There s not even a powerful trigger for the cha

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