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Heat of the Night (Dream Guardians, #2) From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Bared To YouStacey Daniels Has Always Been Attracted To The Wrong Type Of Man And She Knows In Her Heart The Virile, Wounded Viking At Her Front Doorstep Will Certainly Be No Exception A Vision From Her Most Secret Erotic Fantasies A Glorious God Of A Man He Excites Her With His Tantalizing Aura Of Dangerous Sensuality Stacey Knows In The Deepest Depths Of Her Soul That Submission Will Bring Unforeseen Peril Into Her Life, And Yet She Is Helpless To Resist Him For He Is A Master Of Decadent Pleasures And Sweet Sensuality And All She Has Ever Wished ForBut Loving Conor Carries A Burden That No Mortal Woman Can Bear Though He Finds Solace In Stacey S Passion And The Warmth Of Her Welcoming Body, His True Realm Is One Of Darkest Dreams, Torn By Violence And Strife, That Is Now Following Him Into Stacey S World

About the Author: Sylvia Day

Sylvia Day is the 1 New York Times, 1 USA Today, 1 Sunday Times, 1 Globe and Mail, 1 Der Spiegel, and 1 international bestselling author of over twenty award winning novels sold in than forty countries She is a 1 bestselling author in twenty eight countries, with tens of millions of copies of her books in print Visit the author at

10 thoughts on “Heat of the Night (Dream Guardians, #2)

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    I really got into this series, and loved the idea of dream nightmare warriors Unfortunately, according to the author s own website, there seems to be little chance of the series being completed at the moment due to differences of opinion with the publisher and I quote When they offered to contract two , we were unable

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    Oh wow..I have just finished this book and I m still wanting I loved the connection between Aidan and Lyssa in the first book Pleasures of the Night and when I started reading Heat of the Night I thought it would be mainly about them again and so started out feeling a bit disappointed when it was focusing on Connor and Stac

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    This is Book 2 in the seriesI enjoyed this book probably so than the first one The second installment of this series has a lot action and in general I found the plot to be much interesting.I like it when authors write books and include the previous characters in the sequals The Connor and Stacey characters were completely differ

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    Ok.So I definitely liked this book better than the first, however, it still had it s down sides While Aidan and Lyssa are still an obvious part of the book, the focus switches to Stacey and Connor Aidan and Lyssa s best friends Of course a hot and heavy romance ensues between them as well I like Connor s character better than Aidan He is

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    Non mi tirer indietro Se speri che accetter di comportarmi da gentiluomo, ti sbagli La ribellione del corpo delle guardie nel Crepuscolo continua.Il capitano Cross ha deciso di abbandonarlo per sempre per stare con la donna che ama, Lyssa Bates, la dolce veterinaria che la Chiave della profezia degli Anziani, per proteggerla da ogni pe

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    spolier alert Heat of the Night is the 2nd book in the Dream Guardians series I loved the first book so much its on my desert island keeper shelf and I go to it when I need a really good romantic, erotic read.I can t say the same about its sequel.Heat s characters are Connor Aidan s best friend from book 1 and Stacey Lyssa s secretary from book 1 First

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    Heat of the Night If Quick Escalation is your thing Read full review at things are getting interesting, sort of I did not enjoy the plot in the first book as much as I could have if the book was longer and detailed, so now with the second book I got a bit of what I wanted But there still was not enough pages devoted to the plot and explanation of the worlds

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    De naam Sylvia Day zal de meeste onder jullie al meteen aan erotiek doen denken De schrijfster werd immers bekend door haar Crossfire saga Bij deze bekende boeken speelt het verhaal zich af in een hedendaagse wereld, terwijl drie andere boeken van haar net in een historische setting plaatsvinden Ook las ik van haar eerder al de Marked serie n die past dan weer in he

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    I loved the first book of this series The story of Aidan and Lyssa was wonderful in the 1st book The 2nd book i thought it would be mostly about them again I was happily suprised that we got some of their story, but we also got to see a side of Conner Conner is a dream nightmare warrior just like Adian Conner is sent to the real world to warn Adain of the things that they

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    I LOVED THIS BOOK LOVED IT I am so glad I still got to read about Aidan and Lyssa, but Connor Wow He is just divine Even though Connor and Stacey s relationship forms VERY quickly, it s easy to see how Connor has been in Aidan s dream so have all of his thoughts feelings memories in him He has never felt the need for love, but after feeling what Aidan feels for Lyssa, he wants it

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