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世界の終りとハードボイルド・ワンダーランド [Sekai no owari to hādoboirudo wandārando] Sekai No Owari To H Doboirudo Wand Rando Free Author Haruki Murakami Thomashillier.co.uk A Narrative Particle Accelerator That Zooms Between Wild Turkey Whiskey And Bob Dylan, Unicorn Skulls And Voracious Librarians, John Coltrane And Lord Jim Science Fiction, Detective Story And Post Modern Manifesto All Rolled Into One Rip Roaring Novel, Hard Boiled Wonderland And The End Of The World Is The Tour De Force That Expanded Haruki Murakami S International Following Tracking One Man S Descent Into The Kafkaesque Underworld Of Contemporary Tokyo, Murakami Unites East And West, Tragedy And Farce, Compassion And Detachment, Slang And Philosophy. Sekai no owari to h doboirudo wand rando Hard boiled wonderland and the end of the world, Haruki Murakami Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World Sekai no owari to h do boirudo wand rando is a 1985 novel by Japanese writer Haruki Murakami The English translation by Alfred Birnbaum was released in 1991 A strange and dreamlike novel, its chapters alternate between two bizarr Maybe you ve heard it said before in every joke there is a grain of truth Well, as many of you may remember, I ve been known to pick on Jay Rubin now and again for what I perceive to be his clunky translations of Murakami s flawless prose Because it couldn t possibly be that Haruki is a clunky writer Get that thought out of your head right now So I like to kid poor Jay and make him the scapegoat, but the I think about it, the validity I find in my little quips You see, dear reader, MY top three favorite Murakami novels were translated by this guy Alfred Birnbaum Hmmm, coincidence I m not so sure Translations aside, as I mentioned in my little place holder review, Murakami s books are like comfort food for my soul Let me explain this further Like Haruki, I have a deep seated love for music of all genres, and as a result I have a rather bloated music collection Yet sometimes, for whatever reason, nothing I listen to pleases me It is in these moments that I turn to Wilco They never let me down Something about the music is just so cozy It doesn t make me mopey it doesn t pick at my scabs, trying to open a healing wound it doesn t make me wallow in the murky waters of nostalgia The music manages to contentedly complement whatever mood or psychic place I m in What does this have to do with Murakami Well, I feel the same sort of cozy feeling when I read one of his novels When the experimen And I couldn t be any other self but my self Could I There is always a possibility.In the summer of 1962, a poet wrote a song that would later become the last hymn to be heard as the end of the world approached That is the song I chose to be my companion while writing another non review a song that is being followed closely by the mellifluous gusts of wind that break the silence of this monochromatic night Being my first Murakami, quite frankly, I didn t know what to expect This is, without a doubt, one of the most original novels I have read this year And I can t only ascribe this notion to the creativity of the plot, since the variations of the language used to illustrate it were another element that left me quite impressed I felt disconnected Converting numbers in my brain was my only connection to the world Most of my free time I chose to spend alone, reading old novels, watching old Hollywood movies on video, drinking I had no need for a newspaper For a moment, I walked out of the comfort zone provided by classics and plunged into the world of contemporary expressions in which I still feel like a slightly awkward guest Murakami s writing stirred my senses from beginning to end This is a complex novel, one that required two reads for me It tells two stories in alternating chapters In the first we meet a mild mannered data processor, only all his processing is done inside his head See he can do this thing, or he had this thing done to him that allows him to access both hemispheres of his brain simultaneously yet separately He gets recruited for some top secret government project led by some mad scientist type, who lives holed up in a cave under a waterfall with his buxom daughter She is curious, virginal and perpetually attired in pink Oh ya, and this mad scientist has this uncanny ability to remove sound All the sound, all the sound in the world.The second story involves another man He has arrived in a new village One entirely surrounded by high walls, really, really high walls Unicorns graze and sleep in this peaceful hamlet But in this town, mysteries abound He is assigned a job He is forced to give up his shadow and is put to work reading the old dreams out of unicorn skulls The town inhabitants alter his eyes and sequester him to the library where all the skulls are kept He meets a lovely assistant, he works hard, long hours in the dark He becomes accustomed to it All the while he is Whew, blew me away The influences from Orwell and Kafka are clearly here Existential meditations, amazingly imaginative, the multitude of interesting and important thoughts that can sprout from the reader s mind The whole thing is pure geniusThat s the way it is with the mind Nothing is ever equal Like a river, as it flows, the course changes with the terrain Typically, Murakami works his way through your subconscious, toying with recognitions of the past and future, in that magical state much like a dream but slightly different , where you lose time, and explore and recognize parts of yourself all while occasionally getting hit with an outburst of powerful consciousness Some of his novels Norwegian Wood andSouth of the Border, West of the Sun, for example , play with the sentimental sections of the subconscious but this, this is an overt exploration of the dreamlike state an ingenious, different world with human beings with human thoughts and emotions like us, yes But really you re thrown into two different surreal lands, both existing simultaneously one world in which life is real than the o In the unlikely event that Haruki Murakami s name on the cover is not in some way a quality label to you, guaranteeing profoundly outlandish scenarios and magic, he threw in the term wonderland to make sure everyone knew what to expect Does the story deliver on all the promises this wonderful title embodies Yes.I decided to re visit this book after having read it around 3 years ago before my reviewing habit kicked in because I remembered it being an instant favorite but didn t remember why exactly I had some vague notions of course, but pinpointing the thing that drew me in, really making a case for why others should read it as well, I could not Can I do it now No But I ll try anyway What I can say is that this is a the best Murakami I ve read b a superb introduction to this great author.While in the other books I ve read by him it felt as if all the characters were conspiring to make things as strange as possible for the reader, thinking so far outside of the box the mere notion of a box seemed ludicrous, in this one they seem sympathetic Especially the protagonist He seems like he s a good friend of Murakami, introducing him to you, but regardless of their bond, the main character is on your side When Murakami comes up with something fantastical, he ll go with it, sure, but not without raising his eyebrows to you, signaling I don t know what t Right BrainUpon the fields, yet of no snow,frolic an acquiescence we yet to sow,brilliant beasts, their golden fleece ready to unfurl,trod this place, the end of the world.Upon this fantasy, comes one of twounnamed narrators who works in lieuof status, volition vagueness washes his mind,all Kafkaesque, he becomes a dream reading blind.On a lost elevator in the counterpart planeall events are concurrent and faintly the same the dyadic complement of the twin consciousis a tech savvy tokyoite obsessing on pink paunches.Cracking the code of the city s undergroundin fits of silence and mercurial soundsHe loses his mind all Betty Davis stylewhile voices echo this is what salvation must be like after a while.The world unveils pairs of people,twin librarians, old men and a gatekeeperwho unlock their world in all its furious meaninga sci fi noir completes 3.5 5 Buddy read with my friend Sr an Unclose your mind You are not a prisoner You are a bird in fight, searching the skies for dreams. Haruki Murakami, Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the WorldThere is so much to say about Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World, I m just not certain I m the one to say it I was never able to quite connect with the characters or the plot on an emotional level Part of the problem is that Murakami attempts to blend so many different literary genres and only partially succeeds here Is this a hard boiled detective novel, or a sci fi novel Is it a romance novel or dystopian fiction I m not sure even Murakami himself can answer that And to make matters confusing, Murakami threw some fantasy in here for good measure along with a dash of cold war spy thrillers It is obvious, that Murakami has a love for the hard boiled detective novels of the 30 s, 40 s and 50 s, and while his Hard Boiled Wonderland portion of the book is interesting, it s also obvious that Murakami has a lot to learn from Phillip Marlow Another issue with the Hard Boiled Wonderland portion of the book, are the random references to Western culture sprinkled throughout the book References are made to films, movie stars and musicians for no reason other than to reference them These references do nothing to further the story in any way, yet paragraphs and even pages are given over to them The Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World gets my vote the most unique and frustrating book in the Murakami catalog I got the feeling that there s a little bit of the fan in Murakami in this text his love of PK Dick, Vonnegut, etc seems present, and I imagine passages of the book were great fun to write as a tribute, if you will, to his influences However, the cold, metallic neurophysiology, whether accurate or not I don t know much about brain chemistry, so I can t say one way or the other left me, for the first time in my long history with the author, hoping a long, clinical section near the middle of the book would end quickly Luckily, the material bracketing that extended passage was strong although perhaps not coherent enough to place this book amongst Murakami s best.The book focuses in some ways on the conscious unconscious reality perceptual ground familiar to readers of The Wind Up Bird Chronicle and After Dark Murakami changes the context from the isolation of the well or mysterious rooms one can only sometimes enter to a place where brains are modified in ways that bridge or fail to bridge the conscious and unconscious minds for stra

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