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Using these bounds, we show that for a value of M chosen uniformly between 0 and 1 at a multiallelic locus whose number of alleles is left unspecified, the mean maximum F-ST is similar to 0. The algorithm is based on the Gain of Informativeness for Assignment that provides a measure to decide if a pair of markers should be combined into haplotypes, or not, in order to improve assignment. Bloggat om John Bunyan's Master Story. The region around the Nile Valley has a long history of succession of different groups, coupled with demographic and migration events, potentially leading to genetic structure among humans in the region. These results suggest that sequence properties of microsatellites have a significant impact in determining the features of human microsatellite variability. We introduce a statistic derived from information theory, the gain of informativeness for assignment GIAwhich quantifies the additional information for assigning individuals to populations using haplotype data compared to using individual loci separately.

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Because complete exploration of all possible solutions for constructing haplotypes is computationally prohibitive, our approach uses a greedy algorithm based on windows of fixed sizes.

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This result reduces the problem of population size inference to a problem of estimating coalescent time distributions. The genetic affinity is close to present-day North Europeans, and within Sweden to the southern and south-central region. Five of the individuals directly radiocarbon dated to a time transect spanning the 7thth centuries CE yielded sufficient autosomal genome coverage 0. The contrasting patterns of sex-specific migration during these two migrations suggest a view of differing cultural histories in which the Neolithic transition was driven by mass migration of both males and females in roughly equal numbers, perhaps whole families, whereas the later Bronze Age migration and cultural shift were instead driven by male migration, potentially connected to new technology and conquest. Teasing apart the effects of selection and demography on genetic polymorphism remains one of the major challenges in the analysis of population genomic data.

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